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Skrill Security: Free Two-step Authentication published

New Skrill Security Tool for FREE: Two-step Authentication

A couple of months ago NETELLER introduced the Two-step Authentication to their customers to increase the account security. Now it is also available on Skrill!

Two Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of security that is known as “multi factor authentication” that requires not only a password and username but also something that only that user has on them – such as a physical token.

The new Skrill security tool is working with the free app Google Authenticator. Once it is set up, Skrill customers do not have to use their physical security token anymore, but will enter a changing 6digit code generated with the Google Authenticator app. If you already use a Security Token you have to deactivate it in your account settings. After that you will find the option to enable the 2FA in your account settings:

Skrill Security 2step Authentication Tool

Setup Two-step Authentication

Install the Google Authenticator app from the Apple app store or Google Play store and scan the QR bar-code displayed to you on the setup screen:


Skrill Security 2step Authentication Tool - Scan

Skrill Security 2step Authentication Tool - Instruction

Inside the setup window enter the code displayed by the Google Authenticator app and click the ‘Verify and save‘ button to navigate to the success screen:


Skrill Security 2step Authentication Tool - How to set up

Whenever you sign into your Skrill account or make a payment on a merchant site, you will now be asked for the Skrill two-step authentication code and you will enjoy an even higher level of security at Skrill.

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Money Transfer between Skrill & NETELLER and Fee Changes

Money Transfer between Skrill & NETELLER

Skrill NETELLER Money TransferThanks to the merger of Skrill and NETELLER, customers can now easily transfer money between Skrill and NETELLER.

The fee for the transfer is 1.9% without any cap and without lower fees for customers holding the Skrill and/or NETELLER VIP status.

To send money to your NETELLER account, all you have to do is to choose “Money In” after logging into your NETELLER account and to select “Skrill” as payment option. The same works vice versa for transfers from NETELLER to Skrill.

Fee Changes for Skrill & NETELLER

Skrill as well as NETELLER are changing their FX fees as well as some other fee changes for Skrill Bronze VIPs from 25th of January, 2016.

Skrill Bronze VIPSo far, Skrill Bronze VIP customers did not have to pay for their Skrill MasterCard withdrawals at ATMs and p2p fees were capped at 1 EUR maximum. These two important fees will now be changed:

Fees for Transfers between accounts (p2p fees):
The p2p fee will be at 1% and limited to 5 EUR. Before it was capped at 1 EUR.

Fees for Skrill MasterCard ATM withdrawals:
The Skrill MasterCard usage was free for Skrill Bronze VIPs. This will be changed and a fee of 1.80 EUR will be charged also for Skrill Bronze VIP customers.

Fees for Withdrawals to Bank Account:

Fees for withdrawals to the primary bank account will be raised to 3.95 EUR for all customers including Skrill Bronze VIPs.
Withdrawals to your minor bank account will be charged 5.50 EUR.

Currency Conversion Fee Changes at Skrill & NETELLER:

Money Transfer - Currency FX Fee ChangesThe fee for currency conversion (FX Fee) will also be changed starting 25th of January, 2016.
At Skrill, the FX fee will be increased in average by 0.1-0.35% to 1.99% for diamond VIP customers (before: 1.75%) to 4.99% as highest rate.
For details, please check Skrill’s fee overview.

At NETELLER, the Fx fee will be changed to lowest rate of 1% for diamond VIP customers (before: 1.25%) up to 3.39%.
For details, please check NETELLER’s fee overview.


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