ecoPayz Verification

ecoPayz VerificationecoPayz verification is important to gain full access and remove all restrictions from your ecoPayz account and should be the first step after creating your account.
For our clients, we have arranged a special agreement to speed up the ecoPayz verification process.
Within one business day, your account will be fully verified and upgraded to gold VIP status with the highest transfer limits.

By following the instructions below, your account will be verified much faster with a free and instant Gold VIP Upgrade.

  1. Register your ecoPayz account with us.
  2. Verify your account with the instructions below.
  3. Fill the form to get your account upgraded to Gold VIP level.

ecoPayz Verification – Documents

To verify your account you need to send in documents to verify your Identity AND Address.

The following documents are allowed and needed for the email verification for your ecoPayz verification with us:

Identity Verification Documents

  • A valid copy of your passport (the page is displaying your photograph, date of birth, and full passport number).
  • A copy of your national identity card displaying your photograph, date of birth, and full Identity Card number.
  • A copy of your photocard driving license displaying your photograph, date of birth, and full driving license number.

Address Verification Documents

  • A copy of your bank statement.
  • A copy of a utility bill (for example — electricity-, gas- or cable-bill).
  • A copy of your certificate of residence.

Selfie Document

  • A picture of your face (showing just your face without any additional documents)

Please note, all photos have to be in high resolution, so that all details are clear and legible. Online screenshots cannot be accepted!

ecoPayz Verification – How to easily verify your Account

The ecoPayz verification process is fast and easy. Just follow the instructions below to verify your account and increase your transaction limits.

ecoPayz Verification for eWO Partner and Clients

To fully verify your account, please email and attach the following documents including your ID number in the subject line:

  1. A valid copy of your passport OR ID card (the page displaying your photograph, date of birth and full document number).
  2. A full bank statement (showing multiple transactions) OR a copy of a utility bill (for example — electricity-, gas- or cable-bill).
  3. A selfie without any documents – just your face.

Please make sure to send high-quality documents only with all details clear and legible. In case any document could not be accepted, ecoPayz will contact you and ask you for another document or provide a better picture.

Once your account is fully verified, it will be upgraded to Gold VIP automatically.

ecoPayz Verification from within your ecoPayz account

You can also upload your documents from within your account to fully verify your account.

  1. Login to your account and select “Upgrade for Free.”
  2. Click “Verify your identity.”
  3. Upload your “proof of identity” document, a “proof of address” and a selfie withholding your ID card next to your face.
  4. Once all necessary documents were uploaded, click “Send for Verification” to submit your documents
  5. Your account will be upgraded to Gold VIP automatically afterward.


ecoPayz Verification - Account overview
ecoPayz Verification - Upgrade your account
ecoPayz Verification - Confirmation
ecoPayz Verification - Verify your identity

If you have any further questions about the ecoPayz verification process or want to learn more about our ecoPayz Cashback Program, please contact us . We are there to help you.

ecoPayz Verification – Instant Gold VIP Upgrade

After your account is verified you can benefit of our free ecoPayz Gold VIP Upgrade.

Fill the form below, and we will get back to you with the approval within one business day.



ecoPayz VIP Upgrade

ecoPayz Verification - Gold VIP

Fill the form to get your account upgraded to Gold VIP level.

Please contact us if there might be any questions or problems with your ecoPayz verification.

We are here to help you.