ecoPayz is growing steadily and therefore it is time to offer a detailed comparison about ecoPayz vs NETELLER as well as our new comparison ecoPayz vs Skrill.

Our comparisons of NETELLER, Skrill and Paypal were one of the most visited pages on our website and has helped a lot of customers to make the right decission and choose the best eWallet for their needs.

Last updated: June, 2017

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It is hard to compare the VIP Program at ecoPayz with NETELLER, as it is quite different compared to Skrill or NETELLER.

While Skrill and NETELLER have a similar system, which is based on a high transfer volume and special requirements, ecoPayz clients can start with the Gold VIP status right after their account verification if they register with our eWO Bonus Program.

The time period to meet the requirements are also very different. While it is on a yearly basis at NETELLER and quarterly basis on Skrill, you don’t have a specific time frame at ecoPayz. Once you hit the next level, you’ll keep it.

The following tables will give you a detailed overview about the different limits, fees and conditions between ecoPayz and NETELLER:

  • Bronze VIP
  • Silver VIP
  • Gold VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Highest VIP level
  • Check for details
  • 10,000 USD/year
  • 50,000 USD/year
  • 100,000 USD/year
  • 500,000 USD/year
  • 2,000,000 USD/year
  • specific VIP status in (bricks)
  • Easier VIP upgrade possibilities
  • Available accounts per customer
  • Available account currencies
  • One time Signup Bonus
  • Account management fees
  • Account unused
  • Exchange fees (FX)
  • Receive money
  • Send money (p2p)
  • Deposit fees
  • – bank transfer
  • – instant bank deposit
  • – credit card
  • Withdraw fees
  • – bank transfer
  • – cheque
  • – prepaid card at the ATM
  • – to merchant site
  • Check for details
  • ecoPayz vs NETELLER
  • (silver; gold; platinum; VIP)
  • • Instant gold VIP after account verification.
    • Manual upgrade to highest VIP status after 10,000 EUR transfers to merchants.
    only with eWO.
  • 1 account (3 different free currency accounts)
  • 45
  • n/a
  • free
  • unused for 12 months: 1.50 EUR/month
  • 2,99% (2,99%; 1,49%; 1,49%; 1,25%)
    1,49% with eWallet-Optimizer
  • free
  • free
  • free
  • free
  • 1.69%
  • 5.90 EUR
  • n/a
  • 2% (minimum charge 1.50 EUR)
  • free
  • ecoPayz vs NETELLER
  • (bronze; silver; gold; platinum; diamond)
  • • Instant silver VIP after account verification.
    only with eWO.
  • 1 account (1;2;2;2;2 different currency accounts)
  • 22
  • n/a
  • free
  • unused for 14 months: 1.80 EUR/month.
  • 3,99% (3.79%; 3,19%; 2,79%; 2,39%; 1.29%) 3,19% with eWallet-Optimizer
  • free
  • 1.9% up to 20 USD (1% up to 10 USD for bronze; FREE as silver, gold, platinum & diamond VIP)
  • free
  • 1.50%
  • 1.75 – 4.95%
  • 7.50 EUR (7.50, 7.50, free, free, free)
  • 7.50 EUR
  • 1.75% (1.75%; 1.75%; free; free; free)
  • free
  • Prepaid Card
  • – fee to order & annual membership
  • – costs at points of sale
  • – balance inquire
  • – online bank statement
  • – new PIN
  • – new prepaid card
  • – cash withdrawal at ATM limits/24h
  • – points of sale limits/24h
  • – delivery time
  • – available currencies
  • – validation
  • – virtual MasterCard
  • Check for details
  • Cashback & Promotions
  • – promotions
  • Two factor Authentication
  • – fee to order
  • – delivery time
  • – Money-back guarantee in case of fraud
  • Link to Terms & Conditions
  • Check for details

Similar to Skrill, NETELLER currently is one of the biggest names on the eWallet market. Launched in 1999 and offering their services only in a few countries, customers from over 200 countries can now use NETELLER to transfer money to different merchants and enjoy a high availability especially in the onling gambling and forex trading sector.

Although ecoPayz is also part of the eWallet market already since 2000, they are not as well known to most customers. The main reason is a lack of availability and merchant distribution in some markets, but also that they’ve started their affiliate program only a year ago.

However, they are already working on adding more merchants and with an increase in availability it is just a matter of time before ecoPayz and their market share start growing rapidly.

Benefits ecoPayz

  • Free Multilple Currency Account with very low FX fees:
    Different to NETELLER, ecoPayz customers enjoy the opportunity to use up to 45 currency accounts right after their verification while FX fees are also very low (at 1.49%) compared to NETELLER’s conditions (1-3.39%).
  • Account Security:
    ecoPayz clients can activate the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) by using the Google Authenticator App, to increase their account security.
  • Status upgrade to highest VIP Level:
    eWO clients can get upgraded to the highest VIP Level after transferring only 10,000 EUR to any merchant.
  • 3 free ecoPayz MasterCards:
    Our clients are allowed to get 3 free ecoPayz Prepaid Mastercards (EUR, USD, GPB) with a 1,500 EUR/daily ATM limit.
  • Fast and reliable support:
    ecoPayz normally answers within 1 business day latest and takes care of verifications 24/7. While NETELLER’s needs usually longer to respond to their customer’s emails. However, ecoPayz and NETELLER offer a live chat, which is the fastest way to contact the support.
  • Highest eWallet Cashback on the net:
    With ecoPayz customers can benefit of the highest cashback program on the web (0.6% to 1%) while the cashback at NETELLER is at 0.5%-1.1%.

Benefits NETELLER:

  • Account Security:
    NETELLER offers a Money-back guarantee in case of fraud for all users if the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) was activated.
  • Higher VIP MasterCard ATM withdrawal limits and no fees:
    VIP clients can withdrawal up to 3,300 USD (standard for eWO clients) with their NET+ MasterCard. Gold and higher VIPs can also request a refund for their paid ATM withdrawal fees, while non-VIPs, Bronze and Silver VIPs only need to pay a small 1.75% fee on their withdrawal amount.

It doesn’t matter if you go with ecoPayz or NETELLER, make sure to register with eWallet-Optimizer to enjoy additional bonuses, higher transfer limits, lower fees and personalized support.

If you have any questions about the ecoPayz or NETELLER eWO Bonus Program and their benefits, please do not hesitate to [contactus]. We are here to help you.

ecoPayz & eWO

 Instant gold VIP Status with free MasterCard.
 0.6-1% Cashback on your Transfers.
 Fully verified within a few hours, 7 days a week.
 Additional & personal Support – 365 days a year.


 Instant Silver VIP Status with free MasterCard.
 0.3% Cashback on your Transfers in ADDITION.
 Fully verified within 1 business day.
 Additional & personal Support – 365 days a year.days a year.