ecoPayz Verification

ecoPayz Verification

ecoPayz verification is important to gain full access and remove all restrictions from your ecoPayz account and should be the first step after creating your account.

For our clients we have arranged a special agreement to speed up the ecoPayz verification process.
Within one business day your account will be fully verified and upgraded to gold VIP status with highest transfer limits.

ecopayz Verification for eWO clients – fast & easy

To verify your account you need to send in documents to verify your Identity AND Address.

The following documents are allowed for your ecoPayz verification:

Identity Verification Documents

  • A valid copy of your passport (the page displaying your photograph, date of birth and full passport number).
  • A copy of your national identity card displaying your photograph, date of birth and full Identity Card number.
  • A copy of your photo card driving license displaying your photograph, date of birth and full driving license number.

Address Verification Documents

  • A copy of your bank statement.
  • A copy of a utility bill (for example — an electricity-, gas- or cable-bill).
  • A copy of your certificate of residence.

If you are an existing client of us, please send an email to and attach a scan of your documents.

After that, your account will be verified and upgraded to Gold VIP Status with higher transfer limits within one business day.

If you are not a client of us or if you don’t have an ecoPayz account yet, make sure to join us for FREE and benefit of extra support and monthly bonuses.

Standard ecoPayz Verification

  1. Sign into your ecoPayz account and choose the “Free Upgrade” from the left-handed menu in your account overview.ecopayz verification 1
  2. Follow the instructions to verify your mail address (if you haven’t done already), setup a security question and click “Upgrade now” and “Continue” on the next site:
    ecopayz verification 2
    ecopayz verification 3

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  3. Upload a scan from you identity and address document by using the “Select” button and confirm the ecoPayz verification process with clicking “Continue”.
    ecopayz verification 4

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  4. ecoPayz will check your uploaded documents. After the successful verification your account will be upgraded and you will receive a confirmation by mail.


If you have any further questions about the ecoPayz verification process or want to learn more about our ecoPayz Cashback Program, please contact us.

We are there to help you.