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eWallets are a safe and easy way to transfer money and they are important to all kind of clients, like sports bettors, poker players, forex traders and other gambling related clients. Offering a deal would be a good opportunity to offer a great product to all your clients and generate a passive income for yourself at the same time.


Our partners can maximize and monetize their network opportunities by advertising eWallets without further time commitment. Besides that, with our internal support team within the eWallet brands and our additional help, we are able to take care of our clients’ issues whenever it is needed.

We work with various partners from very different parts of the eWallet business who benefit of our time saving and easy solution to advertise eWallets through our service.

If you are interested to become a partner yourself, please have a look at our affiliate partner site and apply to get more information.

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Some of our Clients..


Ben Warrington kidcardiff
Ben, “kidcardiff”
Alexander Fitzgerald Assassinato
Alexander Fitzgerald
Melanie Weisner
Melanie Weisner
Marc Gork
Marc Gork
Martin Finger
Martin Finger

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