AstroPay Review 2023

Learn all you need to now about AstroPay in our detailed AstroPay Review. AstroPay is in the eWallet business since 2006 already and is growing steadly ever since. In July 2022, they also started an affiliate program to expand even further in different markets and continue to grow.

This AstroPay Review will guide you through creating an AstroPay account, verifying your AstroPay account and also show you how to benefit in combination with the eWO Loyalty Program.

Benefits of AstroPay and eWO Partnership:

LuxonPay Review - Benefits  A FREE BLACK VIP Upgrade,
LuxonPay Review - Benefits  1.3% Cashback (1% through VIP system + 0.3% from us),
LuxonPay Review - Benefits  FAST Verification (within 12 hours),
LuxonPay Review - Benefits  FREE deposit to your AstroPay account,
LuxonPay Review - Benefits Access to eWO Loyalty Program, including many more benefits.

Create your AstroPay Account now to not miss any of those benefits.

Learn how to earn AstroPay Cashback into your wallet account through eWallet-Optimizer and what more benefits you can expect by joining the eWO Family.

Of course, you can also join us as eWO Partner and start referring new clients to generate a passive income stream. Just get in touch with us to discuss the details and find the best deal for you.

AstroPay Cashback eWO

AstroPay Review – VIP Benefits with eWO

There are several benefits you can enjoy by creating your Astropay account with us. First, you will enjoy the support of the eWO team. We will help you to sort out any issue or if we cannot help directly, we will help to get in touch with the right person. Of course, you will also participate in the eWO Loyalty Program, which comes with many extra benefits.

However, most likely the biggest benefit is the AstroPay Black VIP upgrade, including 1.3% cashback for all merchant deposits.

Sounds good? There is even more, so let’s summarize all benefits that you will have by becoming a VIP member:

  • 1.3% cashback for all wallet purchase + merchant deposits,
  • A dedicated Account Managers for each VIP User,
  • Access to special promotions,
  • Special upgrades on purchase and deposit limits,
  • Top up your AstroPay Wallet with bank transfers with extra high limits.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions or if you need help with anything. Our support team will take care of you as fast as possible then.

AstroPay VIP Free

AstroPay Registration Phone
AstroPay Registration Password
AstroPay Personal Details
AstroPay Account

AstroPay is doing a great job with their registration process. It is fast, easy and done within a few minutes only.

Register your new account with eWO

  1. User our AstroPay Registration link to create your account,
  2. Enter your phone number and choose a password,
  3. Enter your personal and address details,
  4. Verify your mail address,
  5. Send us know your account details to get the VIP upgrade including 1% Cashback.

Please note, existing AstroPay customers unfortunately cannot join our program.

In general you can use your account without a verification, but we recommend to directly verify your account to remove all restrictions, increase your limits and become a VIP user. It only takes a couple of minutes and will improve your AstroPay account.

Step-by-Step Verification Guide

    1. Login to your AstroPay account, go to the “My Account” page and click the “Complete my profile” button.
    2. Choose “Validate your identity” to start the process.
    3. Upload your identification documents (usually a passport or ID card).
    4. They will check and validate your provided information.

Once your verification was confirmed, the restrictions from your account will be removed and you can enjoy all benefits, including higher spending limits.

AstroPay complies with the rules and regulations of the banks in each country where it operates. In addition, the user`s registration data is protected by their privacy policy. Payments are made directly by the users and not by AstroPay, so your personal and financial data is not compromised.

Does AstroPay offer additional protection like 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) ?

Additional security features like 2FA are already in progress and can be expected soon.

Mobility becomes are more important topic day by day. Clients want the option to always have access to their accounts, no matter where they are right now. With the AstroPay mobile app you will access to all account features and manage your account from anywhere in the world.

AstroPay is offering a mobile app for Apple devices, which can be downloaded from the official Apple App Store. Android users can also get the official Mobile App through the Google Play Store.

AstroPay offers a wide range of different deposit options to their clients. You can use popular options like VISA, MasterCard or UnionPay, but also local options:

AstroPay GPay Luxon Pay Luxon Pay Luxon Pay Luxon Pay

Please keep in mind that your available options vary depending on your country of residence and verification status. To be sure, please check from within your account to see what options you have currently access to.

With withdrawing funds from your account, it is basically the same as with the deposits. Not all options are available to all clients, but the most common payment options should be available to all. However, please keep in mind that, according to the AstroPay withdrawal policy, AstroPay will remit amounts only to the same payment method from where the funds where deposited.

AstroPay GPay Luxon MasterCard Luxon VISA Luxon Bank

To be sure about your available withdrawal options, please check your AstroPay account

AstroPay offers different options to get in touch with them. Before you contact them, please make sure to take a look at their Help Center. This might already answer your questions.

In case you did not find the answer to your problem, you can choose between sending an e-mail or use their contact form. We recommend using their contact form to get a fast reply:

AstroPay Cashback

As you can see, in our detailed AstroPay Review, there is some great value by signing up your AstroPay account with us. Don’t miss the chance for a 10 USD welcome bonus, 1% cashback and a free VIP Upgrade exclusively through eWO!

In case you already have an account, feel free to get in touch with us. There are great alternatives and we are happy to help you to set up with another great deal or you can apply for our eWO Partner Program and start referring clients on your own to generate a passive income stream.