NETELLER Crypto Review 2020

Our detailed NETELLER Crypto Review will give you an overview for one of the latest new NETELLER features.
It was introduced just few months after Skrill presented their Skrill crypto wallet in 2018. As of now NETELLER offers 10 cryptocurrencies (same as Skrill) to buy, sell and trade:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • EOS
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Ether
  • Litecoin
  • XLM
  • XRP
  • OX

The NETELLER cryptocurrencies program makes it easy for you to buy any of the official 28 fiat currencies available.

The procedure to convert fiat currency to NETELLER cryptocurrencies is the same as for the Skrill wallet.

You need to follow two simple steps :

  1. Log in to your NETELLER account and click on the Crypto tab from the left-hand side of your account menu.
  2. Enter the amount you want to exchange and choose the cryptocurrency you would like the amount to be converted to/from. Information about the exchanged amount and the processing fee will be displayed on the page. To complete the transaction, click on “Complete”.

Then the transaction will be settled, and a summary page with all details will be displayed on your screen. After the exchange is confirmed, your cryptocurrency balance will appear in 1 – 2 seconds. You can check your balance by clicking on the arrow within the Available balance section, situated in the upper left side of your NETELLER account.

How to buy/sell NETELLER crypto:

  1. Log in to your NETELLER account and select Crypto.
  2. Select your chosen Supported Cryptocurrency and Fiat Currency.
  3. Type the amount you wish to buy or sell.
  4. Review the applicable fees and press “Confirm” button.
Please note, the service is not available in all NETELLER supported countries yet. To check if Crypto is available for your country of registration, log in to your NETELLER account and see if the Crypto wallet appears in your left-hand side menu.

First is best to check the limits for the upload options applicable for your country of residence. You can simply check it from the Deposit tab of your NETELLER account. The exact minimum amount depends on the relevant cryptocurrency but will be approximately equal to 10 EUR.

Maximum amount depends on the transaction limits associated with your NETELLER  account.

  1. If your account is provided in EUR or USD the buy/sell fees are set to 1.5%.
  2. If your account is provided in any other supported currency, the buy/sell fees are set to 3%.

The main difference between the Skrill Crypto wallet and the NETELLER Crypto wallet is that Skrill allows you to send Crypto to another Skrill user, which is not applicable for the NETELLER wallet yet.

Our NETELLER Crypto Review already showed you how much you could benefit from this new feature. However, if you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies on a more professional level, there is a good alternative to NETELLER. The Bitpanda service was launched in 2014, and during this time, the number of users has already exceeded 1,000,000, which indicates high customer confidence. Today, trading is available not only with cryptocurrency but also with other digital assets. In total, you can use more than 30 options for trading.

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NETELLER Crypto Review - Bitpanda

NETELLER crypto is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start trading cryptocurrencies. Now you can invest in one of the 10 available cryptocurrencies, but this list is constantly expanding.

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