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Actual situation of Skrill USA

Skrill USAUS citizens are not allowed to use their Skrill USA account for online gambling.
This will change within next months and we will present you most important news and information updated at this page.

New Jersey:
1st approved state with online gambling.


Skrill USA for U.S. customers

As U.S. citizen, you can register at Skrill without any problem. But so far, it is not possible to use your Skrill funds at any online gambling related merchant.

As soon as your state will legalize online gambling and Skrill USA will be approved with the license, you will also be able to use your Skrill account for these transfers as well.
For more information, please have a look at the Skrill USA, Inc. Terms & Conditions:

6.7. It is strictly forbidden to send payments in order to pay for:

  • Gambling and gambling services of any kind, except in in states where such activity is lawful under applicable state law;

By registering at Skrill, please make sure to benefit of our value added Skrill USA program.

Skrill customers traveling to the U.S.

As non-U.S. Skrill customer, you are of course able and allowed to use your Skrill MasterCard in the USA, but you are NOT allowed to log into your Skrill account while staying in the USA.

Please be aware that any breach might lead to a lock of your account. Some of our clients were not aware of this and got their account locked. We were able to get their accounts reopened faster again, but it is still taking some time, so please stick to the rule and pay attention.


Skrill USA for affiliates and ambassadors

Skrill USA AffiliateNeither website affiliates nor private ambassadors can be accepted by Skrill as also stated in their Skrill USA affiliate FAQ.

But, as biggest Skrill ambassador worldwide, we are able and officially allowed to offer Skrill USA affiliates to promote our website and therefor our Skrill USA deal.
We not just offer a fast and additional support for your clients, but will take care of your whole client-handling while you earn your affiliate share.

For more information, please have a look at our eWallet Affiliate Partner Program or contact us .

Actual news about Skrill USA development

Sept, 11th, 2013:
Skrill promotes Hall to head up US sales effort” (

Nov, 14th, 2013:
“Skrill Wins Division of Gaming Enforcement Approval for Internet Gaming in the State of New Jersey” (