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Skrill recently changed its Skrill verification rules. Now the transaction limits can be taken off completely once the account is verified through an ID, proof of address and a selfie of your face holding your passport/ID card next to it or through any of the account verification options, like bank or credit card verification.

Firstly, we provide you with the fastest way for a full account verification for your new Skrill account. That way you will become a Skrill VIP within 48h with our help and you will get your outgoing transfer limits deleted completely. Below you can find the possibilities to increase the outgoing transfer limits to 500.00 EUR through the Skrill verification.

Skrill Verification

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By following the instructions below your account will be verified much faster and your transfer limits will be removed.

  1. Register your Skrill account with us.
  2. Verify your account with the instructions below.
  3. Fill the form to request a faster bronze or silver VIP Upgrade.

Skrill Verification – Special eWO Support

As a client of eWallet-Optimizer you will enjoy lots of benefits including our fast-track verification. Your account will be verified within 1-2 business days then.

You already have a Skrill account?

If you are already a client of us, please send an email to to use our fast-track verification service. The eWO verification team will take care of your account and speed up the process for you.

Just make sure that you sent all of the following documents:

  • ID/Passport: back and front side; all 4 corners visible; high quality and clearly readable.
  • Address verification: not older than 3 months.
  • Selfie: you holding your ID/passport next to your face.

As well as the required info that we need:

Your account usually will be ready within 1 business day and all limits will be removed afterwards. Once you have reached the required transfer volume (deposits to merchants) just use our VIP Upgrade form to get upgraded to VIP.

No Skrill account yet?

Becoming an eWO client is fast and easy and also comes with some great benefits for your Skrill account. Just make sure to sign up your FREE account with us to enjoy all those benefits and get the most out of your Skrill account. Once we have the confirmation you will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Monthly extra Cashback
    You earn 0.3% cashback for all deposits to Sites that offer Skrill as a payment option. There is no cashback for Pokerstars & Full Tilt, Betfair earns 0.2% cashback.
  • 1% Cashback for 30 days (up to 100 EUR)
    Our Skrill clients who are not Skrill VIP yet, are able to join our exclusive Skrill VIP-Upgrade promotion that earn them up to 100 EUR Cash Bonus paid by Skrill in addition.
  • Faster VIP Upgrade
    Faster Upgrade to bronze and silver VIP status (only 3,000 EUR for bronze, 5,000 EUR for silver & 15,000 EUR for gold) – please note, this is a one-time offer for new clients and standard requirements apply afterwards.


Skrill Verification – Regular Customers

You can upload your verification documents directly in your Skrill account. To fully verify your account you need to send the front and back side of your ID card or passport and a recent utility bill (gas, electricity or any other household bill) or a bank statement, showing your full name and address and not older than 90 days.

Upload Funds to your Skrill account

Another option is to use your bank account or credit card and upgrade money to your Skrill account, as explained in the following steps:

    1. Upload funds from your bank account or credit card and transfer more than 3,000 EUR to merchants of (Skrill) Moneybookers.
    2. Verify your bank account: Send a scan or photo of your bank statement to or choose “manual bank upload” using your Skrill account. The first choice will take about 1-2 business days to get your bank account verified, the 2nd about 3-5 business days.
    3. If you choose the 2nd option for your Skrill account verification, please select “Bank transfer”. Follow the instructions and transfer any amount of your choice to the supported Skrill bank of your country. Please make sure to enter the red reference ID.
    4. That’s it. Your account should be now completely verified.

Please make sure to join our value added Skrill eWallet-Optimizer program before you ask the support to upgrade your account to Skrill VIP status and your outgoing transfer limits deleted completely.

Other options for Skrill Verification

There are more options to get your outgoing transfer limits increased. By clicking on “Account limits” in your Skrill account the following options will appear:

  • Verify your credit/debit card:
    A random amount is debited from your card (between EUR 1.01 – 2.99, or an equivalent amount in any of the supported currencies). The amount must be confirmed on Skrill website. You will find the amount on your card statements or by contacting your bank for confirmation. The exact amount must be confirmed in the currency in which it has been debited. The debit is not a charge: it will be available in the your digital wallet balance upon successful confirmation.
  • Verify your bank account:
    By choosing this option you will receive a dummy payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment Skrill will include a unique verification code. You have to enter this code after you receive the payment in the same section of your Skrill account where you requested the verification.
    Please note that this is NOT the same and not as effective as the bank account verification as described by the “Fastest way for Moneybookers account verification”.
    This verification process will take 2-3 business days and you will not have any further transaction limits anymore.
Skrill Verification

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Skrill VIP Upgrade – Your Road to Skrill VIP

Thanks to our connection to Skrill, we are able to get our clients upgraded to a higher Skrill VIP status easily.

If you are an exiting Skrill customer, you can request to get your Skrill account upgraded to a higher VIP Status using the following form.

Skrill VIP Upgrade – Conditions

For this manual Skrill VIP Upgrade, the overall sum of transfers you have made within 30days to any merchant counts.

Once you are upgraded, you will stay at the specific VIP status for the rest of the current quarter.

Simply fill in the followin form and we will take care of the Skrill VIP upgrade.

Please note, the lower requirements are a one-time offer for new eWallet-Optimizer clients. Once you have used our faster VIP Upgrade service you need to reach the standard requirements afterwards to maintain your status or to get upgraded again.


Skrill VIP Upgrade

Skrill Verification


Fill the form to get your higher VIP status within 1 business day.

Please contact us if there might be any questions or problems with your Skrill verification or your account upgrade.

We are here to help you.