There are several ways to contact the NETELLER Support fast and easily. For general issues, calling or using the live chat option is the fastest and most comfortable option to choose from, but you can also email them, or contact them via Twitter or Facebook.

If you choose to contact support through email or their contact form, please use the mail address you are using for your account.

Please also make sure to have your NETELLER account ID number ready which shows in your account overview when you log in and is a 12-digit number.

The fastest way to contact NETELLER Support is to use the “VIP Live Chat” option available within your account. Please note, the NETELLER live chat is only available to VIP customers

The NETELLER Live Chat is available 24/7.

Another way to contact NETELLER Support is via email or their website contact form. Simply visit their website and use contact form or use the provided mail address to send an email. Please make sure to describe your issue as detailed as possible and also add your account ID number and mail address.

The NETELLER support will get back to you within 1-2 business days then.

NETELLER offers 16 different hotlines separated for the country of your residency.

Using their phone support is the fastest way to get in touch and should be used if possible to speed up the whole process for you.

Please enlarge this image to check the hotline and choose your preferred phone number from the list.

NETELLER Support hotline

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If your NETELLER account is disabled for any reason, you will need to call the NETELLER Support directly.

Please see the option above to get access to your account reinstated as soon as possible. Make sure to use your real phone number in your NETELLER account, so they can verify you easier and faster. Also make sure to know the answers to your security questions.

Please also note, if your account was permanently closed (terminated) by NETELLER, there is almost no chance to get your account activated again. This decision is final and NETELLER will not allow to re-open the account or to open another account with them.

If your NETELLER MasterCard has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, please contact NETELLER Support immediately at +44 20 7526 9219 to cancel your card.
Please note that your funds can only be refunded for any kind of fraudulent use if you get the card cancelled as soon as possible.

Please also check our post about general NETELLER MasterCard Issues and how to solve them.