NETELLER Verification


NETELLER Verification

NETELLER verification is necessary to reach higher transaction limits and to be able to withdraw money at ATMs or to send money to your own bank.
Clients of eWallet-Optimizer profit from special fast-track verification agreement with NETELLER.

NETELLER Verification for our clients

  1. If you are already a client of us, please send an email to and attach a scan of your ID or passport with all four corners visible and a proof of address (like an utility bill) and your account will be verified and upgraded to Silver VIP Status.
  2. If you are not a client of us, make sure to join us for FREE and benefit of extra support and monthly bonuses.

Other ways for the NETELLER Verification

1. Sign into your NETELLER account and choose the “verify your identity” link in the account summary page. If you do not see this option, you need to deposit money into the NETELLER account before the option appears.

2. Click “Start verification”.

NETELLER verification - step 1

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3. Choose the issuing country and type of document (passport, driver’s license or ID card).

NETELLER verification - step 2

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4. Upload a scan of the chosen document using the “Upload existing image” option. Alternatively, you can choose the webcam verification option, where the webcam captures a picture of the document and your face afterwards.

NETELLER verification - step 3

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5. Confirm the upload and wait for the email notification by NETELLER for the uploaded documents. Once your account has been verified successfully, the word “Verified” will appear after your NETELLER account ID at the right hand side of the window.

NETELLER Verification Account ID

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Please contact us if there might be any questions or problems with your NETELLER verification. We are there to help you.