NETELLER Verification


NETELLER Verification – Fast-Track with silver VIP Upgrade

NETELLER verification is necessary to reach higher transaction limits and to be able to withdraw money at ATMs or to send money to your own bank.
Clients of eWallet-Optimizer profit from special fast-track verification agreement with NETELLER.

By following the instructions below your account will be verified much faster with a free and instant silver VIP Upgrade.

  1. 1Register your NETELLER account with us.
  2. 2Verify your account with the instructions below.
  3. 3Fill the form to get your account upgraded to silver VIP level.

NETELLER Verification VIP

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The verification process requires several steps, but once the required documents are sent in, the verification will be approved within 1 business day.

Please select the way you want to verify your NETELLER account:

Normal NETELLER Verification

  1. 1Sign into your NETELLER account and choose the “verify your identity” link in the account summary page. If you do not see this option, you need to deposit money into the NETELLER account before the option appears.
  2. 2Click “Start verification”.

    NETELLER verification - step 1

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  3. 3Choose the issuing country and type of document (passport, driver’s license or ID card).

    NETELLER verification - step 2

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  4. 4Upload a scan of the chosen document using the “Upload existing image” option. Alternatively, you can choose the webcam verification option, where the webcam captures a picture of the document and your face afterwards.

    NETELLER verification - step 3

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  5. 5Confirm the upload and wait for the email notification by NETELLER for the uploaded documents. Once your account has been verified successfully, the word “Verified” will appear after your NETELLER account ID at the right hand side of the window.

    NETELLER Verification Account ID

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NETELLER Mobile Verification


If you do not have the app installed yet, please check our NETELLER App page for further info.

Can I upload my documents through the NETELLER mobile app?

Yes, you can use the NETELLER mobile app to fully verify your NETELLER account. The process is simple and easy. On you profile page you can scan your ID document and also take the selfie and uploade it directly to NETELLER. 

Check the following screenshots to see how those steps looks like by using your mobile app to verify your account:



NETELLER Verification for clients from Japan

For customers from Japan the verification process is a bit different. Check the following 5 steps to find out how to easily verify your account:

Step 1

Create your personal security questions. 

You will only need to choose 3 security questions and their answers if you have not done so already.


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Step 2

Confirm your personal information 

Here you will have to enter your current home address*, select your occupation and the purpose of transaction (to and from your NETELLER account).

*The address you enter will be the one where, you will receive a letter with the address verification code, so please make sure the provided address is correct and full.

instruction 2

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Step 3

MY NUMBER Verification

Here you can select between 3 options:

1. MY NUMBER card – by providing the MY NUMBER card, you will be directly sent to the last verification step, without having to further prove your identity with additional piece of document

2. Juminhyo + you personal number – by providing the Juminhyo + you personal number, you will be prompted to upload another piece of identification document

3. Notification card – by providing the Notification card, you will be prompted to upload another piece of identification document.

how to verify NETELLER

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Please bear in mind that after you have chosen a document from the drop-down list, you will be redirected to our automated verification system NETVERIFY and you will have to follow the on-screen instructions for upload.

Step 4

Submit identity verification documents (Only asked if the Jumiohyo or Notification Card is uploaded in Step 3)

If you haven’t submitted “MY NUMBER” card in step 3, you will be asked to upload another government-issued photo ID document, for example driver’s license, international passport, etc.

mobile verification

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Step 5

Address Verification (this step only shows up after you have finished the ID verification)


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After your documents have been approved, you will be sent an address confirmation code via standard postal service. You will receive it at the address provided in step 2.

Here you will have 5 attempts to enter the code in order to complete the verification process. Otherwise your account will be blocked for 24 hours. After the Address verification and Terms of Use are accepted, you will have successfully completed the Verification process and you can use your NETELLER account without any restrictions.


NETELLER Verification – Special eWO Support

Existing Client

If you are already a client of us, please send an email to and attach a scan of your ID or passport with all four corners visible, a proof of address (like an utility bill or bank statement – not older than 90 days) and a selfie holding your passport or ID card next to your face to fully verify and upgraded your account to Silver VIP Status.

New Client

If you are not a client of us, make sure to join us for FREE and benefit of extra support and monthly bonuses.

NETELLER Verification – Instant silver VIP Upgrade

After your account is verified you can benefit of our free silver VIP Upgrade.

Simply fill the form below and we will get back to you with the approval within one business day.

NETELLER Verification VIP

Fill the form to get your account upgraded to silver VIP level.



Please contact us if there might be any questions or problems with your NETELLER registration.

We are here to help you.