Rapid Transfer – new NETELLER Deposit Option

NETELLER is always working on improving their product and therefore the recently added Rapid Transfer as a  new deposit option to Paysafe customers.

Rapid Transfer is a web-based payment service that allows you to fast and easily add funds to your NETELLER account by using your personal bank account. One of the major benefits of this payment option is that the deposited amount will instantly be credited to your NETELLER account. Rapid Transfer is supported by more than 100 banks and is a really comfortable and secure way to upload funds to your NETELLER account.

However, Rapid Transfer is not available to all customers. It is available in the following countries only:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Finland
  • Denmark

Rapid Transfer iphone

  1. Select Rapid Transfer from the ‘Money in’ section of your NETELLER account.
  2. Enter the first and the last name on the bank account, the IBAN of the respective bank account and the amount you wish to deposit and click Continue.
  3. You now need to confirm the details of your deposit. Make sure you enter your information correctly and click ‘Continue’.
  4. By selecting Continue you will be connected you to your online banking site where you can complete the transaction.
    A notification email will be sent once the transaction is finalized and the funds sent to your NETELLER account.

The easiest way to check the Rapid Transfer limits  is the ‘Money in’ section of your account. Limits can vary according to your current verification and VIP status. Just login and select Rapid Transfer from the deposit option to get more information about your limits.

If you have not verified your account yet you will have quite low limits. Once you have reached your NETELLER deposit limit, you need to verify your NETELLER account in order to continue using this and all other services. Therefore we highly recommend to fully verify your account to increase your limits and also not miss any of our eWO NETELLER Cashback Program benefits like instant silver VIP upgrade, higher withdrawal limits, lower fees and of course our monthly bonus payments.

Rapid Transfer Banner

Rapid Transfer is a great new deposit option which will improve your NETELLER account. However, to really get the most out of your account you should apply to our free eWO NETELLER Bonus program. Join now to get upgraded to silver VIP instantly, to have the highest possible transfer and withdrawal limits, lower fees, a free MasterCard, multiple currency accounts and of course our monthly bonuses.

If you have any questions about NETELLER’s new deposit option or our NETELLER bonus program, please do not hesitate to contact us . We are happy to help.

Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits Instant Silver VIP Status with free MasterCard.
Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits Highest Transfer and Withdrawal Limits.
Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits 2nd Currency account.
Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits 0.3% Cashback on your Transfers in ADDITION.
Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits Fully verified within 1 business day.
Rapid Transfer - eWO Benefits Additional & personal Support – 365 days a year.

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