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Interested affiliates can apply to become Skrill Affiliates in order to receive a revenue share depending of referred Skrill clients’ depositing activities.

The Affiliate commission is paid directly into the affiliate’s Skrill member account. It is possible to keep track of referred Skrill customers and earnings within the Skrill referral report where new referrals and earned Skrill commissions are shown. Skrill doesn’t have an affiliate tool like NETELLER Affiliates for example, but it is possible to receive a monthly report for referred clients and earned Skrill commission.

However, in addition to the great Skrill affiliate program you can get even more out of it with our help. Let us show you a quick overview about the benefits of the Skrill program and their affiliate program in combination with eWallet-Optimizer.

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Referring to Affiliate Terms & Conditions, affiliates can earn 20% revenue share as Skrill Affiliates per month. Skrill commissions are normally limited to 1 year after customers’ registration.

Considering a referred customer transfers $1,000 from his Skrill account to a merchant who pays 3% fee, the Skrill Affiliate can then earn up to the following commission for this transfer:

$1,000 * 1.5% * 20% = $3

Unlike NETELLER, Skrill Affiliates don’t have an affiliate tool with a detailed overview, but they can still check their affiliate earnings within the Skrill referral report.

The Skrill Affiliate program is already a great tool by itself, however, combined with the eWallet-Optimizer Partner Program you can enjoy even more earning and maximize your profits

You clients will benefit of the highest valued eWallet program including lower VIP requirements for their VIP upgrades while you as a partner can maximize and monetize your network opportunities by advertising eWallets without further time commitment.

We help you to offer your clients the best possible conditions by earning a full Skrill affiliate share.

With our internal support team within Skrill and our additional help, we are able to take care of our clients’ & partners’ issues whenever it is needed.

Please check the following table to see a comparison between Skrill Affiliate and the eWO Partner Program.

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You will also receive a detailed monthly report by email from us and you can check your progress of your new referrals in our login section, where we provide an overview about all your sign-ups, you generated commission, the transfer volume and much more.

The commission payment will be process around the 15-20th of the following month directly into your Skrill account.

As you can see, there is a lot of great value in the affiliate program and we will help our eWO Partner to even maximize there profits more and offer the best service to all their clients.

To become a partner just send an email to, add us on Skype or fill out the following contact form. We will be happy to check for your personal deal and prepare your partnership by setting you up with all tools to become a successful affiliate of Skrill.

For any questions about the affiliate program or eWallet-Optimizer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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