Skrill VIP

With the Skrill VIP Program, you can get rid of almost all the fees you normally need to pay as a Skrill customer.

Most importantly, you will be able to order and use the Skrill MasterCard completely free as a Skrill VIP customer.

Your Skrill VIP status depends on the amount you transfer from your Skrill account to merchants, like Poker Sites, Bookies, Forex Brokers, but also normal online shops that offer the gateway of Skrill to checkout.

You can see your current Skrill VIP level at the bottom of your Skrill account.

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eWallet-Optimizer clients enjoy much lower VIP requirements to get upgraded to bronze and silver VIP. Submit your account details at your Skrill VIP upgrade page and we will check if we can get your account upgraded.

By reaching higher VIP Levels, you will lots of benefits, but the most important ones are higher transfer limits and lower FX currency fees.

Skrill VIPs are also allowed to open multiple currency accounts and can order and use the Skrill MasterCard for free depending on the VIP level.

All eWO clients will have much lower requirements to get upgraded to bronze and to silver VIP. For bronze you only need 3,000 EUR within 30 days to get upgraded, 5,000 EUR for silver VIP and only 15,000 EUR for Gold VIP. Compared to the regular conditions for non-VIP customers this is a huge benefit and you should make sure to apply for our free Skrill bonus program to not miss our fast VIP upgrades,

Check the following table for the most important benefits of each Skrill VIP level and how they will affect your fees and limits:

Your Transfers

  • Send Money fee (p2p)
  • Currency conversion (FX fee)
  • ATM Withdrawal Limits
  • ATM Withdrawal Fees
  • FREE Net+ MasterCard
  • Additional Currency Account
  • Credit Card Upload fee
  • Skrill Fraud Guarantee
Bronze VIP
only €3k with eWO
€3k with eWO
6,000 per quarter
  • 1% (capped at €10).
  • 3.79%
  • €750
  • €1.80
  • 1.25-2.5%
Silver VIP
only €5k with eWO
€5k with eWO
€15,000per quarter
  • 2.89%
  • €1,500
  • 1 additional account.
Gold VIP

€45,000per quarter
  • 2.59%
  • €3,000
  • 2 additional accounts.
Diamond VIP

€90,000per quarter
  • 1.99%
  • €5,000
  • 3 additional accounts.

There are 4 different Skrill VIP level you can reach. The more you transfer from Skrill to merchants, the higher your VIP status will be.

The main difference between the different Skrill VIP levels is the FX fee you have to pay for currency exchanges and the number of different currency accounts you can have.

Your VIP status is calculated quarterly and is adjusted every day automatically once you reach, or fall below, the following requirements:

Bronze VIP
only €3k with eWO
€3k with eWO
€6,000Transfer 6,000 EUR to merchants per quarter to reach bronze VIP Status.
Silver VIP
only €5k with eWO
€5k with eWO
€15,000Transfer 15,000 EUR to merchants per quarter to reach silver VIP Status.
Gold VIP

€45,000Transfer 45,000 EUR to merchants per quarter to reach Gold VIP Status.
Diamond VIP

€90,000Transfer 90,000 EUR to merchants per quarter to reach Diamond VIP Status.

Once you have reached the required transfer volume for the next VIP level, your account will be upgraded automatically within 24h.

Your VIP status is calculated and adjusted every day. Your VIP Level depends on the amount you transferred from your Skrill account to all merchants within last 3 months.

Please note that ALL transfers to every merchant to count for the VIP calculation, even if they are excluded from the Skrill Loyalty Club.


Examples for VIP Status and the transfer requirements

It is February the 15th and you want to reach Skrill gold VIP level.

Go to your Skrill Transaction History and sum up the amount you transferred from November the 16th until today. If you reached 41,000 EUR (or the equivalent in your account currency), you need to transfer another 4,000 EUR to become Skrill gold VIP the next day.
Please make sure not to fall beyond the required amount of 45,000 EUR to maintain your new Skrill gold VIP status.

If you have not been a Skrill VIP customer before, our clients are able to join our special Skrill VIP Promotion.

Lower Skrill VIP Requirements:
After opting into the Promo, you will only need 3,000 EUR transfers to become Skrill bronze VIP, only 5,000 EUR to become Skrill silver VIP and only 15,000 EUR to become Gold VIP.
Please note that ALL transfers from your Skrill account to ALL merchants do count for the Skrill VIP status.
To maintain the Skrill VIP status, to reach higher Skrill VIP level or to become VIP member after losing your status, you will need to reach the normal transfer requirements.

Additional Bonus paid by Skrill:
For your eligible transfers of next 30 days, you can earn up to 100 EUR Bonus for your transfers to not-excluded merchants.
This bonus is paid by Skrill and comes in addition to your monthly eWO Bonus.

Monthly eWO Bonus for Skrill Clients:
eWO Members earn a monthly Bonus on all their transfers from Skrill any merchant.
Please check our eWO Skrill Bonus Program for more information and make sure to check our Route to Skrill VIP for detailed instructions.

Skrill VIPs enjoy a lot of benefits and can earn huge value for their transfers. In combination with our free eWO Skrill Bonus program you can become a VIP member even faster and also benefit from our monthly bonuses and personalized support.

Check what benefits you will have by joining our eWO Bonus program:

Easier & faster VIP Status Upgrades.
0.3% Cashback on your Transfers.
 15 USD welcome bonus (only new clients!)
 Additional & personal Support – 365 days a year.

If you are interested in joining Skrill and want to become a Skrill VIP member faster, please proceed with our registration or contact us  for any further questions.