NETELLER offers their NETELLER VIP Program to reward its most active account holders for using their services. The VIP Program and status is calculated upon the transaction activity of the account.


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By reaching the respective NETELLER VIP levels, the account is eligible for various benefits including (but not limited to): VIP Fraud Guarantee, Multiple Currency Accounts, a dedicated VIP manager, limit increases, higher cash ATM withdrawal limits or even cashback for the highest two limits. See a full list of benefits below.

Where can I find my current NETELLER VIP status?

The NETELLER VIP status is shown right on top of the NETELLER main menu.

NETELLER VIP – Status Requirements


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The eWallet VIP levels are determined on a yearly basis.
There are five VIP levels that will automatically be set in the account once the transaction goals are hit:

  • NETELLER Bronze VIP: Transfer 10,000 USD to merchants per calendar year.
  • NETELLER Silver VIP: Transfer 50,000 USD to merchants per calendar year.
  • NETELLER Gold VIP: Transfer 100,000 USD to merchants per calendar year.
  • NETELLER Platinum VIP: Transfer 500,000 USD to merchants per calendar year.
  • NETELLER Diamond VIP: Transfer 2,000,000 USD to merchants per calendar year.

Once you have reached the required transfer volume for the next VIP level, your account will be upgraded automatically within 24h.

NETELLER VIP – Main Benefits

  • NETELLER Fraud Guarantee:
    With the NETELLER fraud guarantee NETELLER members get reimbursed in case of unauthorized access to their NETELLER account in all NETELLER VIP levels.
  • Multiple NETELLER currency accounts:
    Starting with Silver VIP you are eligible to open 1-3 more accounts in different currencies to avoid FX fees.
  • Flexible limits and guaranteed limit increases:
    Starting with Silver VIP you will get a 50,000 USD per transaction limit and a guaranteed limit increase when providing the relevant documents.
  • VIP chat:
    NETELLER offers a live VIP chat for all VIP account holders to handle support inquiries faster.
  • NETELLER Two-step Authentication:
    VIPs enjoy the advantage of additional account security using the NETELLER two-step Authentication.
  • Discounts on deposit and withdraw fees:
    Once you are Gold VIP you are free to inquire about lower fees with your dedicated account manager.
  • Free Net+ Prepaid MasterCard shipping and handling fee:
    From Gold VIP level on, you can order the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard for free. Lean more at our NETELLER Net+ PrePaid MasterCard site.
  • Higher Daily ATM cash withdrawal limits:
    As a Bronze and Silver VIP you are able to withdraw 1,000 USD per day.
    As Gold VIP and higher you are able to pull 3.300$ from all ATMs. For more information, please check the FAQ of NETELLER.
  • Currency Exchange (FX) Fees:
    The Fx fees are decreasing per limit: As NETELLER Bronze VIP you pay 3.79%, as NETELLER Silver VIP 3.19%, as NETELLER Gold 2.79%, as NETELLER Platinum VIP 2.39% and as Diamond VIP 1.29% in FX fees.

NETELLER VIP – Cashback & Promos

NETELLER VIP CashbackAs a NETELLER Platinum VIP you earn 0.25% cashback from NETELLER directly, while NETELLER Diamond VIPs earn 0.5% cashback on all transfers to merchants.

NETELLER VIP – Reward Points

All VIP clients also collect reward points for EVERY transfer. Each USD you move in or out will earn you 1 point.
Platinum VIPs earn 1.25 points per USD and Diamond VIPs earn 1.5 points per USD moved.

Those points can be redeemed for cash, merchandise or digital gift cards in the VIP Point Shop.

Additionally, VIP customers earn the following Anniversary Reward Points once they reach a new VIP level for the first time (after one year of account registration for new customers) and also earn these points every year at the date of their account registration:

  • NETELLER Bronze VIP – 1,000 Anniversary Reward Points.
  • NETELLER Silver VIP – 9,000 Anniversary Reward Points.
  • NETELLER Gold VIP – 10,000 Anniversary Reward Points.
  • NETELLER Platinum VIP – 20,000 Anniversary Reward Points.
  • NETELLER Diamond VIP – 50,000 Anniversary Reward Points.

Please make sure to be enrolled in the NETELLER Reward Point program to collect reward points and to get the Anniversary points.

NETELLER also runs promotions frequently. Most of them are prize promotions where you can win prizes using your NETELLER account.

NETELLER VIP Program compared to the Skrill VIP Program

Please check our NETELLER vs Skrill comparison for very detailed information of both eWallet providers and their fees, benefits & conditions or contact us for more information.