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Paysafe Group is one of the largest companies on the ewallet market. The company owns world famous and very popular brands: Skrill, NETELLER and Paysafecard.

Paysafe Group was formed in 2015 after the merger of several large ewallet companies: Optimal Payments Limited, Neteller PLC and Netbanx Ltd.

Let’s look at the chronology of the Paysafe formation:

Paysafe History and Rising


Netbanx Ltd was established in the UK.


Optimal Payments Limited was created in Canada.


NETELLER was established in the UK.


paysafecard was founded

Four Austrians developed “cash for the internet” and named their product paysafecard. 2000 was the birth of paysafecard, a great success story began.


Moneybookers was established

Moneybookers was established in the United Kingdom in 2001 and got approved and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


NETELLER bought Netbanx.


Moneybookers acquired

Investcorp Technology Partners acquires Moneybookers.


NETELLER renamed

NETELLER changes name to Neovia Financial PLC.



Skrill started its partnership with eWallet-Optimizer.


Neovia acquired Optimal Payments

Neovia acquired Optimal Payments and changes its name to Optimal Payments PLC.


Moneybookers rebrands to Skrill

Moneybookers rebrands to Skrill and changes its name to Skrill. The same year Skrill acquired the young startup payolution in 2011.



NETELLER started its partnership with eWO to push customers satisfaction to a next level with additional values for the clients through the eWO NETELLER Bonus Program.


London Stock Exchange

Optimal Payments Limited moves to the Isle of Man and enters the London Stock Exchange in August 2015.


Optimal Payments purchased Skrill

Optimal Payments purchased Skrill for a price of 1.1 billion EUR.


Optimal Payment Group rebranded to Paysafe Group


London Stock Exchange

The Paysafe Group was listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Takeover of Paysafe

Paysafe got sold to a consortium of CVC Capital Partners and the Blackstone Group for £2.96 billion.


Paysafe delisted from London Stock Exchange

After the takeover soem months earlier, Paysafe got delisted from the London Stock Exchange accordingly.


Paysafe leaving Brazil

In January 2018, Skrill and NETELLER left Brazil while ecoPayz takes over the Brazilian gambling market.


Back in Brazil

As exclusively reported by eWO NETELLER and Skrill are back in Brazil gambling market as of January 2020.

Philip McHugh

Philip McHugh – Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Paysafe

It is safe to say that there is no way around the Paysafe Group if you want to use and profit from digital payment options.

Today they offer their services in over 200 countries and are one of the leading companies in the eWallet sector. The operating income for 2015 was $26.2 million, with a net income of $7.4 million.

Paysafe’s current CEO is Philip McHugh, who took office on June 24, 2019. Before him this post was held by Joel Leonoff, who is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors now.

Paysafe is by far the leading company on this market and an important partner for any merchant around the world, who wants to offer his customers an easy and secure way to deposit and withdraw their funds at any time.

Paysafe Group Plc currently is a leader in the payment solutions industry, which includes the brands Skrill®, NETELLER®, MeritCard, paysafecard®, payolution®, Income Access and FANS Entertainment.

Paysafe Group - Skrill

Paysafe - NETELLER

Skrill is an international electronic wallet that allows you to make payments simply using the recipient’s email address. This payment method is very popular in gambling resources: poker rooms, bookmakers, casinos and forex exchanges.

With the eWO Skrill Bonus Program, new Skrill users can enjoy many benefits, such as easy VIP upgrade, quick verification and personalized support.

NETELLER is also a widespread electronic wallet that can be used both for transfers to hundreds of merchants and for fast and safe transfers between users.

Join to the eWO NETELLER Bonus Program and you will get the exclusive Bronze Pro VIP status with maximum limits, pass verification faster, receive monthly bonuses and be always in touch with our support team.

Paysafe Group - Paysafecard

Paysafe - Cash

Paysafecard made it possible to pay online as safely as paying in cash. By purchasing a card at a sales outlet, one received a receipt with a 16-digit PIN, which could be used to pay safe online. From the beginning of 2004, voucher cards also became availabe to buy online.

Until now there was a steady grow and paysafecard built a very strong market position. It is available in 23 currencies at more then 500.000 sales outlets in 43 countries all over the world.

Paysafecash service was created for quick and easy payment of goods in stores. After selecting the product in the store and specifying Paysafecash as the payment method, you will receive a message with a bar code, go to the nearest payment point and pay for the cost of the goods. This service allows you to keep your financial data safe.

Paysafecash is primarily designed to pay for goods from Amazon, Skrill and NETELLER.

Paysafe Group - Golo

Paysafe - Income Access

Golo is a Canadian mobile app for delivering convenience goods from nearby stores and restaurants. Delivery to offices, airports, hotels, hospitals and even stadium seats is possible.

Golo currently operates in two cities: Toronto and Montreal. Users of the application are available orders from 140 outlets.

Income Access provides marketing agency services and also develops its own affiliate marketing software. Income Access was bought by Paysafe in September 2016. In addition, this Paysafe Group subsidiary is the owner of the iGaming affiliate network.

Affiliate network cooperating with more than 300 brands including such as PokerStars, Jackpot Joy, Ladbrokes and other.

eWO DashboardPaysafe Group also offers affiliate programs for everyone who want to receive a share of the revenue from attracted users in Skrill and NETELLER. This is a great opportunity to receive passive income, especially if you have your own media resource.

The offer is really very good, but in partnership with eWallet-Optimizer you will get more benefits: no restrictions on the maximum amount of your income, the ability to connect existing customers, lower requirements for VIP statuses and an exclusive VIP Bronze Pro status (which will help to attract even more users), your personal Dashboard as well as our professional support team and other advantages.

Want to know more? Compare the conditions of the NETELLER affiliate program and the Skrill affiliate program with the eWO offer and you will see that the  partnership with eWallet-Optimizer is the best you can find on the Internet.

Paysafe has received many awards and most of them are for achievements in the eWallet market. We highlighted a few of them and you can also check the full list of Paysafe Awards.

  • Year
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • Paysafecard_awardBestmerchant_awardBestmobile_award
  • Payments_awardStevie_awardEPA_awardService_award
  • Ps_awardep_awardeu_awardEGR_NA_awardEGR_awardBBG_award
  • Ps_award
  • Awards
  • Payments & Fraud Company of the Year
    Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor
    Best Online or Mobile Commerce Solution
  • Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor
    Winner of a Silver Stevie
    Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provider
    Best Service Provider
  • Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor
    Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provider
    Best overall payment service provider
    Payments Company of the Year
    Best Innovation in Payments Solutions
    Payment Solution of the Year
  • Best Online Payments Solution - Consumers
    Crypto Initiative of the Year (with Coinbase)
    Skrill named Best Digital Wallet 2019
    Payments Processor of the Year

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After merging into one company, Skrill and NETELLER retained their own brands and offered their product separately. However, if you do have an account on both, you can easily transfer money between Skrill and NETELLER. The fee for the transfer is 1.9% without any cap and without any lower fees for customers holding the Skrill and/or NETELLER VIP status.

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In addition, the merger did not affect your eWallet-Optimizier bonus payouts. eWO Members still earn a monthly Bonus on all their transfers from Skrill and/or NETELLER to merchants. Please check our eWO Skrill Bonus Program and our eWO NETELLER Bonus Program for more information.

If you have any questions about Paysafe, Skrill or NETELLER, please do not hesitate to contact us .