About us


Our Mission is to excite people using eWallets for their transactions online.

By explaining payment concepts, brands and their conditions with our added service and significant benefits, we want to show why PayPal is not everything.

We guide interested clients through the account registration and verification process as easy and fast as possible.

With our internal support team within the eWallet brands and our additional help, we are able to take care of our clients’ issues whenever it is needed. We build trust for the providers we work with and are proud to have the highest satisfaction rate of clients using an eWallet of their choice.

We make sure that loyalty rewards reach customers in time and enhance the user experience to take the brand to the next level.

Our Story started in 2010 by promoting Skrill exclusively.
We re-branded and redesigned our website in May 2014 to work with NETELLER in addition to offer a wider service and benefits to our clients and partners.
In 2016, we started to work with ecoPayz to keep offering our clients the best possible conditions and bonuses for their eWallets. We started to promote MuchBetter to further widen our portfolio and offer most benefits to our client – and partnerbase.

Thanks to many recommendations and our clear and accurate payment history for all years in business, we became the overall biggest and best-known eWallet marketing brand in business.

Our Business Model is simple, but unique.

We refer customers to the eWallet brands we work with, we take care of their support and make sure they enjoy the best possible customer experience and help when and wherever we can.

For referring customers to the eWallets we earn affiliate commission from which we pay our expense, the eWO Bonuses for our clients as loyalty rewards and the Partner Commission for our eWO Affiliates.

We are proud to offer a clear win-win-win situation for our clients, the eWallet brands and us thanks to the model that we invented.

For more than 10 years we are running it to a great success.
We are proud to see many trying to copy what we do while we keep improving without looking behind.

Often imitated, never duplicated.

Long & Trustworthy Partnerships is the key to success.

We are looking back to a long and trustworthy relationship with all our eWallet partners which is exactly the reason we are able to offer the best conditions for our clients and partners. By joining us you can be sure you have a strong team at your side which is able to help you to get the most out of your wallets and also help with all kinds of issues.

Our passion is to help you to increase your earning by offering you the best bonus programs on the web.


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Our Team consists of a lawyer, a marketing & SEO expert, a full time nerd, former poker professionals, three Geeks, one sports nut, one table tennis monster, three German and Russian perfectionists and six visionaries who are thrilled to spread the brand’s mission.

eWO Chris Co-Founder

I love all kind of sports and gaming. I studied industrial engineering and management with a focus on marketing and my true passion has always been the online marketing.
Being a poker player with Supernova Elite status I got offered to advertise Skrill in 2010 and referred today’s most famous German poker professionals to Skrill right in the beginning.

In 2011, I began working with Tobias and together we greatly expanded the scope of the business.

Chris – Co-Founder.
SEO & Marketing Expert, former Poker Player with Supernova Elite status, Geocacher, Chess enthusiast, Head of the numbers and weird ideas that actually work.

eWO Tobi Co-Founder

After supporting my way through law school and the bar exams, with a specialization in Internet law, through playing poker and affiliate marketing, I am now fully devoted to the eWallet business.
I met Chris in 2011 through online poker and we have been working closely ever since. We quickly understood the need for transparency and efficiency, not just between each other, but also for our partners and clients.

Tobias – Co-Founder.
Former Poker Professional, Globetrotter, Table Tennis Monster with a top Law Degree who loves to snack.


About - Chris Support

I met Tobi some years ago through online poker and we have kept in touch since then.
With my technical as well as commercial background in the eWallet business, I started working with Tobi and Chris in 2015 and recently became Head of Operations and lead and manage their well educated eWO support team.

Christof – Head of Operations.
Former Poker Player, Customer Relationship & Support Expert, Fan of all American Sports, TV Show addict, bookworm, full time nerd and Python enthusiast.

eWO Mario

I studied media and communication sciences and besides that I was a passionate poker player as well.
Through poker i met Tobi five years ago. Since then i knew about eWO and I was always eagerly interested in it.
Because of the success and growth of eWallet-Optimizer I recently finally had the chance to join the eWO team and help them optimize their operations and support.

Mario – Head of Account Handling.
Passionate Poker Player, Sports & eSports Enthusiastic, loves to go out, have some drinks and dance till break of dawn.

eWO Mira

I have been within the fin-tech industry for the past 7 years as a sales, retention and business development representative of Skrill and NETELLER. I met Chris and Tobi being their account manager at Paysafe and joined the eWO expanding team, bringing as asset my technical, marketing and payment processing knowledge.

Mira – Head of Partner Relations.
World traveller, tennis enthusiastic, nature addicted and semi professional photographer.

eWO Nastya

I have been working in Internet Marketing for the last eight years and already worked in the eWallet Affiliate Industry many years before I came to meet Tobi & Chris from eWO. Once we met, I understood immediately how professional and friendly the team is, so one thing led to the other and I was happy to join the eWO family.

Nastya – Head of SEO, Design & Projects.
Owner of a huge collection of board games, Bookworm, History Fanatic and enthusiastic selfdeveloper and genealogical researcher.

eWO Kirill

I started playing poker in 2006 and then made the transition to sports betting.
I have also been ever since involved in the affiliate business which allows me to provide clients with proper support and advice. Being born in Russia, I am happy to provide support to everyone from the region.

Kirill – Support for Russia and CIS countries.
Former poker player and passionate sports bettor.