MiFinity Registration

The MiFinity registration process is fast and easy. They have made it really simple to register a new account with them and get started quickly.
However, with our detailed MiFinity Registration Guide, we will make it even easier and give you a step-by-step guide to navigate you through the full process.

Enjoy benefits like:

  • FREE deposit to your MiFinity eWallet account,
  • EASY money transfer between MiFinity accounts,
  • Monthly eWO Rewards,
  • eWO Loyalty Program including early & weekly commission payments,
  • 365 days personalized support.

Let’s jump into it right now to make sure you will not miss any of the benefits that come with the eWO and MiFinity partnership.

For any kind of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are here to help.

MiFinity Registration


MiFinity Registration Button

Our quick registration guide will show you all steps needed to finish your MiFinity registration process. You can also check out the following video made by the MiFintiy team which will guide you visually through the full process as well:

  1. Make sure to clear your browser cookies and use the eWO MiFinity Registration link to connect your account with us,
  2. Enter your mail address and choose a secure and unique password,
  3. Login to your MiFinity account,
  4. Select your Country of Residence and account currency,
  5. Enter your personal and address details,
  6. Set your security questions,
  7. Enter your 6-digit verification code you received by SMS,
  8. Enjoy your new MyFinity eWallet Account.

The MiFinity registration process is now finished and your account almost ready. However, to remove all restrictions and activate all features like the virtual IBAN, multi-currency accounts and much more, you just have to go through the MiFinity Verification Process first.

The verification process is easy as well. You only need a photo of your passport and a selfie which can be taken directly through your smartphone or any other webcam. The MiFinity verification team will then check and verify your account within 24 hours.

MiFinity Registration Login
MiFinity Registration Country
MiFinity Registration Security Question
MiFinity Registration PIN

The MiFinity Registration process is build to make it as easy as possible and within a few minutes your new eWallet account will be ready. Make sure to use the eWallet-Optimizer Registration link to enjoy all available benefits we are already have and which will come in the future.

For any issues during the process, please get in touch with us or directly with the MiFinity support team. They will help you to sort out then.