MuchBetter Support and Help 2020

MuchBetter offers support through a variety of different communication channels. The best and easiest way is to use the MuchBetter Mobile App, but you can also send an email or contact them through Twitter or Facebook.

For any technical issues, please make sure to provide as much details as possible. Attaching a screenshot in case of any error might also be helpful to sort the issue out as soon as possible.

We also recommend checking the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to find answers to the most common questions.

MuchBetter FAQ

The MuchBetter App is the fastest way to get in touch with the MuchBetter support team. You can simply use the in-app contact form by providing all details about your issue or just ask any question you have.

  1. Launch the app on your phone & enter your passcode.
  2. Open the account options, choose “Help” from the menu and click “Other”.
  3. Select item “I have some other problem”.
  4. Describe your question and attach screenshots.

Adding some screenshots is always a good idea to give the support team a full picture of your issue and help them to locate it. In case you have an issue with any kind of transaction, please provide all details about the person you try to transfer money to or about the merchant you are trying to deposit. The more details, the better.

Sending an email is another way to contact the MuchBetter support. We recommend to use the in-app contact form for fastest support, but emails will of course be handled as fast as possible as well. Just send your mail to [email protected].

Make sure to give them all details about your issue including a screenshot (if possible) and the phone number your account is registered to. This will help to speed up the process for you.

MuchBetter devices

If you have any problems uploading funds to your MuchBetter account, please contact support through the mobile app or by e-mail. Be sure to include the transaction date, the deposit amount, currency, payment method and also attach a screenshot with the payment confirmation if available.

The MuchBetter support team is highly efficient and usually you can expect an update about your issue within a few hours. Feel free to also contact us in case updates take too long. We can then check with their support team and try to speed up the process for you.

MuchBetter Support - Deposit

If you have lost or stolen your MuchBetter MasterCard, please make sure to report this as soon as possible. Open your mobile app and open the card section from it. There you need to choose “Freeze” -this option will immediately freeze/block your card, so that it cannot be used anymore. This will help to protect the funds in your account.

Get in touch with the Muchbetter support team afterwards and inform them about this as well. They will also help with getting a new card.

MuchBetter Support - MuchBetter MasterCard

In general the MuchBetter support team is really fast and will help you within a few hours. However, in case you will not get an update in time and your account is registered with us, just let us know and we will try our best to speed up the process for you.

Please contact us , if you have further questions about the MuchBetter support or our free eWO Loyalty Program.

We are always happy to help and provide all information about how to get the most out of your MuchBetter account.

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