eWallet – Get Paid for moving money


What is an eWallet?

eWallet eWOeWallets are digital wallets and they are an easy and fast way to move your money from/to any poker site, sports betting & and daily fantasy sports provider.

Compared to a usual bank transfer you don’t have to wait days to receive the money. It usually will be credited within minutes. Especially if you want to split your bankroll and use different providers at the same time you can move your money around really fast.

To deposit money to your eWallet you can use your local bank account, your credit card or p2p transfer from a friend.

VIP-Bet – Benefits

Make sure to create your eWallet account with VIP-Bet to profit and enjoy from the following benefits:

  • eWallet NETELLER VIPVIP Status Upgrades.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts.
  • Free MasterCard.
  • Higher Transfer & Withdrawal Limits.
  • Lower Fees.
  • Up to 1% monthly Cashback.
  • Personalized Mail & Skype Support.

What is Cashback?

Skrill NETELLER CashbackCashback is the bonus you’ll earn every time you move your money.

You can earn up to 1% Cashback for any outgoing transfer from your preferred eWallet to any merchant.

Let’s say you have transferred 10,000 EUR with an eWallet account created through us. For this transfers you can earn up to 120 EUR bonus.
Especially as a sports bettor or poker player you’ll probably switch sites a lot to find the best odds and tables. With us, you will get paid for just moving around.

Your Cashback will be paid every month until the 20th right into your account.

You already have an eWallet account? No problem. Just send us your account details and we will check if your are still eligible to join our bonus program.