eWallet-Optimizer Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


By working with eWallet-Optimizer.com (“eWallet-Optimizer”) in a business environment as a Partner (a “Partner” shall be a party that refers potential clients and members to eWallet-Optimizer through their website or other communication channels in return for a commission), the partner accepts the following Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions:

  1. In case a Partner has his own eWallet accounts tracked under us, general Terms and Conditions for eWallet-Optimizer apply. The same goes for the referred clients of the partner.
  2. To apply for our partner program fill out our partner application on the website or email [email protected] with information about the type of referrals you are able to make, what kind of marketing opportunities you have (websites, communities, networks) and which market you aim to approach. Acceptance to our partner program is at our sole discretion.
  3. In order to refer a member or client to our service, partner has to submit all client information correctly, i.e. eWallet User/Customer ID, email address and currency of the account holders. The partner is not allowed to submit details where he does not have the approval of the referral. We cannot guarantee tracking, means if for any reason tracking status has been confirmed and nevertheless we do not get paid for a client, we shall not be held liable. We pay if we get paid. In case of no payments for us we are not liable for partner’s commissions or bonuses.
  4. By joining our partner program, you agree to reasonable use if your name and images and other promotional material on our websites.
  5. Partners are not allowed to promote our deals openly without previous approval.
  6. We reserve the right to close partner accounts anytime particularly if we believe you acted in bad faith against eWallet-Optimizer, regardless of whether or not such action has resulted in any type of harm or damage to eWallet-Optimizer. In such an event, all commission or bonus payments owed shall be forfeited.
  7. Partner commissions shall be paid on a monthly basis, within approximately 30 days following the end of each month via EUR/USD Skrill or NETELLER. We reserve the right to pay in the respective currency we got paid by our contract partners. We reserve the right to charge transaction costs if they apply for us. If all relevant information is gathered, partner payments shall be made before or on the 25th of the following month for the whole previous month. If we do not have your correct payment information available within 30 days after a calendar months ended, the payment shall be forfeited. The same is true for rebouncing and returned payments in case of incorrect information or changes that we were not notified of.
  8. The Partner receives a detailed report of the activity and commissions generated by his referred clients no later than the 20th of the following month.
  9. eWallet-Optimizer will not contact the partners referrals or clients relating to any other subject than eWallet purposes.
  10. We reserve the right to reduce partner commissions and client bonuses.
  11. Partners will not be eligible for any commissions and bonuses if their account is suspended due to fraudulent activities or breaching these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of our eWallet partners.
  12. In the event that we as eWallet-Optimizer deem that fraud or any other breach of the Terms and Condition of us, or of our eWallet partners, has occurred by a partner or his client, the partner and his client is not entitled to receive any commissions which have accrued to your benefit at such time in relation to same whether such commissions were generated through fraud or otherwise. eWallet-Optimizer retains the right to set-off from future commissions payable to you any amounts already received by you which can be shown to have been generated by fraud or in breach of Terms and Conditions.
  13. No partner is allowed to use any marketing material (either of eWallet-Optimizer or Skrill/NETELLER) without our previous consent. The partner agrees to instantly remove/edit all marketing material if requested by eWo.
  14. All concerns and disputes are subject to our final ruling.


Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to get more information.