Skrill fees change at November 2013


New Skrill fees

Yesterday, Skrill announced their new Skrill fees which will come into effect in 60 days, at 11th of November, 2013.

The newsletter and especially the German version of the Skrill fees overview caused some irritation.
Please find as following a short overview of all changes and contact us if anything should left unclear:

Bank withdrawal
so far: 1.80 EUR; free as VIP
new: 2.95 EUR; free as silver VIP and higher.

Send money to Skrill customers (p2p)
so far: 1%, max. 0.50 EUR.
new: 1%, max. 10 EUR; max 1 EUR as VIP.

Upload fees from credit card to Skrill:
so far: free.
new: 1.90%; 1.25% as bronze Skrill VIP; free as silver VIP and higher.

Currency exchange (FX) fees
so far: 2.49% for below silver VIP; 1.75% for silver VIP and higher.
now: 2.49-3.49% below silver VIP; up to 3.25% as silver VIP; up to 2.99% as gold VIP; 1.75% as diamond VIP.
-> The FX fees now varies between the currency you need change, please have a look at the updated VIP Skrill fee overview for more information.

More information about the non-VIP Skrill fees and actual currency exchange fees can be found at your Skrill fee overview.

Even-though, the fees will be slightly increased, they are still very competitive to NETELLER currency exchange and especially their withdrawal fees.
We will update our very well-known Neteller vs Skrill comparison within next days.

No changes for MasterCard Skrill fees

MasterCard cash withdrawals at the ATM will stay free for VIPs and at 1.80 EUR for non-VIPs.