Skrill VIP Terms and Conditions Update


Skrill VIP Update

Skrill yesterday announced their updated Skrill VIP Terms and Conditions that will come into effect on 20th June 2013. There are some small changes of the Skrill VIP level transaction requirements, but also an important update for inactive Skrill VIPs.

New Skrill VIP transaction requirements per level

The new transaction requirements per month are exactly the same as before, just downgraded from a 6-month to a 3-month-basis.
The new Skrill VIP status will be granted on the first day of the calendar month after the month(s) you have reached the specific transaction requirements.

For example: You register as a new customer at Skrill, transfer more than 6,000 EUR to merchants in May, you will get upgraded to Skrill VIP Bronze level at 1st of June automatically. You transfer another 40,000 EUR in June, you will upgraded to Skrill VIP Gold level at 1st of July.

If you do not want to wait that long or need a higher status to register a new Skrill currency account, please contact us and let us help you to get it upgraded manually and a lot faster (within 48h).

Losing Skrill VIP status

This is the most important change coming into effect with the new Skrill VIP Terms and Conditions.

So far, Skrill VIP customers did not lose their VIP status when they were not fulfilling the VIP requirements anymore. With the update of the Skrill VIP T&C this will also be automated:

We would like to inform you that on a regular basis we do notify customers which are not transacting the required volumes. Please note that such notifications are sent in advance and the customer are given 30 days grace period to maintain their VIP membership . If they fail to do so, than the VIP status is removed.

Further (…) in the event a customer’s VIP level is downgraded to Bronze, all account would be closed, but one. Before we do so, we would ask the customer to confirm which one they wish to remain active.

Important: By losing the Skrill VIP status, customers will also lose their Skrill Loyalty Points in accordance with the Skrill VIP Loyalty Club Terms and Conditions.

Please make sure to stay active enough by transferring more than 6,000 EUR within 3 months not to lose your Skrill VIP status and to redeem your Skrill Loyalty Points in the Skrill VIP store regularly.

If you have any questions about these changes please write us or send an email to Skrill support at [email protected].