ecoPayz Bitcoin

ecoPayz Bitcoin – the perfect combination to easily fund your ecoPayz account.

Bitcoin is becoming a really important part of many people. ecoPayz is aware of this fact and offers Bitcoin (and other coins) as a payment option to their customers. Currently, this option is not available to customers from the European Union, but all others can enjoy the benefits of a fast and easy Bitcoin deposit.

In combination with our free ecoPayz bonus program, you will also enjoy a free VIP upgrade, higher transfer and deposit limits, multiple currency accounts, and lower fees.

Let’s check out some more details about the funding process and our ecoPayz program.

ecoPayz Bitcoin

ecoPayz also offers Bitcoin transfers to deposit funds into your account, but the option is a bit more hidden. Let us show you where you can find it to quickly use ecoPayz to deposit and start using the funds to send it to your preferred merchant.

  1. Choose deposit option
    Just login to your account and choose “Deposit”. A new page will open where you need to click on “Alternative Currency Deposit”.ecoPayz Bitcoin
  2. Choose your coin
    You will now be redirected to the GoCoin page, where you can choose between different digital currencies, including Bitcoin. The minimum amount is 100 USD, and currently, there is no maximum limit for your transfers. They also charge you with a 1% fee.ecoPayz Bitcoin
  3. Process the payment
    ecoPayz will now show you the payment information where you need to send your coins. Once you transferred the funds from your coin wallet to ecoPayz, the payment should appear in your account within 1 few hours up to 1 day (usually much faster).



As you can see, sending Bitcoin (or other coins) to your ecoPayz account is easy and a great option to upload funds to your account. Unfortunately, this option is currently not available to customers from the European Union, but we hope that it will be available to all customers at some point.

Bitcoin becomes more and more important and you can already use it for a lot of things. Combine it now with our great ecoPayz bonus program and enjoy benefits like a free Gold VIP upgrade, the highest possible transfer limits, lower fees, and our personalized support at 365 days a year.

If you have any questions regarding depositing Bitcoins to your ecoPayz account or ecoPayz in general, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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