ecoPayz VIP Program


ecoPayz VIP Program

The ecoPayz VIP Program consists of 5 different VIP levels and is built to reward their most active and loyal account holders. Compared to other eWallet VIP systems it is not only about the transaction volume to reach higher VIP levels.

Every VIP level comes with additional benefits, like a reduced currency conversion fee and increased transfer and withdrawal limits.

Where can I find my current ecoPayz VIP level?

ecoPayz VIP levelYou can see your current ecoPayz VIP level in the left-handed ecoAccount menu.




ecoPayz VIP level – Requirements


Check the following overview for more details and requirements of the 5 VIP levels:

ecoPayz VIP Level


  • ecoPayz Classic Level:
    The lowest and standard level for normal customers.
  • ecoPayz Silver Level:
    After your successful verification, your account gets upgraded to silver.
  • ecoPayz Gold LevelINSTANTLY for eWallet-Optimizer customers:
    To reach the gold level, you need to verify a credit- or debit card and send a proof of your address and identity.
    eWallet-Optimizer clients get the Gold VIP Level directly after their account registration and normal address verification.
  • ecoPayz Platinum Level:
    In order to upgrade your account you have to be gold vip for at least 30 days, you are owner of an active ecoPayz MasterCard and transferred at least 50,000 EUR to merchants.
  • ecoPayz VIP Level:
    In order to upgrade your account to the highest ecoPayz VIP Level, you have to be a platinum VIP for at least 30 days and transferred at least 250,000 EUR to merchants.
    Get manually upgraded to highest VIP level after 10,000 EUR transfers with us.

ecoPayz VIP level – Benefits

By reaching higher VIP Levels, you will benefit of higher Transfer limits and lower FX currency fees.
You will also be able to use up to 5 ecoVirtualcards each day and will be able to order up to 3 physical ecoPayz MasterCards for all your different currency accounts, which are available in EUR, USD and GBP.

ecoPayz VIP Conditions.png

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If you are interested in joining ecoPayz and want to become ecoPayz GOLD VIP member right after account verification, please proceed with our registration or contact us for any further questions.