eWO Commission Payments in Bitcoin


Many eWO partners recently contacted us and asked for additional payment options to receive their commission payments from us. Therefore, we decided to look into this for you and are happy to announce that all partners now can also receive their payment in Bitcoin (BTC).Bitcoin Available

We are sure that most of you are already aware of how to use Bitcoin and also have a Bitcoin wallet. However, with this post we want to give you a quick guide about how to change to Bitcoin Payment in your eWO Dashboard as well as a two recommendation for the most popular Bitcoin wallets.

Let’s jump right into the details.

Quick Notes – Bitcoin as a payment option
Bitcoin Coin

  • All partners can use Bitcoin as a payment option.
  • By using Bitcoin you will receive your commission weekly (every Thursday or Friday).
  • No fee for Bitcoin payments except for the network fee (0.0005 BTC).
  • BTC/EUR rate is always the current one provided on blockchain.com.
  • Payments will be sent for amounts higher than 0.002 BTC.

You don’t have an eWO Partner Account yet? Sign-up with us now to enjoy all benefits.

Change your Payment Account in your eWO Dashboard

Bitcoin Payment Choose Provider

Changing your payment account to Bitcoin is a really fast and easy process:

  1. Just login to your eWO Dashboard and open your eWO Payments page.
  2. Scroll down and choose the Bitcoin option from the “Provider” field.
  3. Enter your personal Bitcoin Address and confirm twice.

That’s it and you are ready to go. Your next weekly payment will go to your Bitcoin address.

It is important to double-check your payment address to make sure you are really providing the correct one. There is no way to reverse a Bitcoin transfer and by entering wrong data your commission payment will be lost.

No Bitcoin address? Get your personal BTC wallet!

In case you have no Bitcoin address yet we also want to give you a quick guide how to easily set up a Bitcoin wallet to also get your personal Bitcoin address. This address is needed to request your commission payments.

There are many Bitcoin wallets available, but we picked 2 of the most commonly used wallets for you. Of course you can also use any other wallet.

Exodus Bitcoin Wallet for your payment in Bitcoin

First we want to introduce Exodus which is a popular and easy to handle Bitcoin wallet. Exodus offers a desktop version as well as a mobile version for Android device and iOS devices.

On their website you will also find all information you need about the installation and the setup, so that you can start using your Bitcoin wallet within minutes.

Especially their FAQ Section is really detailed and will help you to answer all questions.

Exodus has a fresh and modern design and is a really safe option to handle your Bitcoin transactions. Besides Bitcoin Exodus can also be used for many different cryptocurrencies.


Exodus Desktop Wallet

(click to enlarge)

Exodus Mobile App   

Exodus Help – For more details please check the Exodus How-To receive crypto payments page.

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet payment in Bitcoin

Our second candidate is the Blockchain Wallet. Blockchain also is one of the most popular wallets to handle different cryptocurrencies. Similar to Exodus you can also find a Blockchain an Android mobile app and an iOS mobile app. However, Blockchain does not offer a desktop client, but can be handled completely from within any browser which makes it more interesting for some clients, because no additional app is needed.

Blockchain also offers a different guides to help you in case you run into any issues or in case you need any kind of support. The Blockchain support page will help you to sort it out and helps to answer the most common questions.

As already mentioned, there are many more Bitcoin wallets and you can also use any other tool, but this will hopefully give you a good starting point. Both wallets are popular and offer a great support. Especially for Bitcoin beginners this might be the best choice.


Blockchain Web Version

(click to enlarge)

Blockchain Mobile App

Blockchain Help – For more details please check the Blockchain How-To receive crypto payments page.

Become an eWO Partner now and enjoy free Bitcoin payments

You are no partner of us yet and do not have your personal eWO Dashboard? Start working as eWallet Affiliate, refer clients to ecoPayz and other eWallets yourself and make sure you have qualified for our higher eWO statuses.

Each and every brings additional benefits for you being being a Partner, based on your monthly transfer volumes like weekly payments, higher commission and other great things. Reach at least eWO Rookie statusto also unlock your Sub-Affiliate link so you keep expanding your Referred group of customer.

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For any further questions about the about Bitcoin payments, commission payment in general or our eWO Partner program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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