Increased Fees for Skrill and NETELLER


Recently Skrill and NETELLER announced another increase of some of their fees, which will affect almost all customers. Beginning from today, these changes are in effect. Here is a quick overview of all changes and some tips on how to lower or avoid them.Increased Fees - Logo

Increased Fees – Which fees were increased?

As of today, the following fees are increased. Non-VIPs will be affected the most and becoming VIP gets even more important to save some money.

Fee for transfers between accounts (p2p fees)


The p2p Skrill fee for non-VIPs is increased from 1% (limited to 10 EUR) to 1.9% (limited to 20 EUR). For VIPs it is 1% for all levels, capped at 10 EUR for Bronze and 2 EUR for Silver, Gold and Diamond VIPs.


The p2p NETELLER fee for non-VIPs is increased from 1% (limited to 10 USD) to 1.9% (limited to 20 USD).For VIPs it is 1% for all level, capped at 10 USD for Bronze & Silver clients and capped at 2 USD for Gold, Platinum and Diamond VIPs.


Fee for Currency Conversions  (FX fees)


The FX fee for non-VIP clients is increased from 2.99% to 3.99%. For VIP clients it is:

  • Bronze: Increased from 2.69% to 3.79%.
  • Silver: Increased from 2.39% to 2.89%.
  • Gold: Increased from 2.09% to 2.59%.
  • Diamond: No increase – 1.99%.


The FX fee for non-VIP  clients is increased from 3.39% to 3.99%. For VIP clients it is:

  • Bronze: Increased from 3.09% to 3.79%.
  • Silver: Increased from 2.59% to 3.19%.
  • Gold: Increased from 2.19% to 2.79%.
  • Platinum: Increased from 1.99% to  2.39%.
  • Diamond: Increased from 1.0% to 1.29%.


Sending money between your Skrill & NETELLER account

The fee for the transfer was 1.9% without any cap and without lower fees for customers holding the Skrill or NETELLER VIP status. This fee is increased to 3% now.

Increased Fees – What can you do to avoid or lower these fees?

Currently you have two options to avoid or at least lower these increased fees. First, you can increase your transfer volume and become a Skrill or NETELLER VIP. For active sports bettors, poker players, traders or casino players, this is the easiest way to lower most of these fees.

Secondly you can register with ecoPayz. ecoPayz is another eWallet provider with lower fees for most of their services and also some other great benefits, if you are signup with eWallet-Optimizer.

How to become a Skrill or NETELLER VIP?

Increased Fees - Skrill VIP

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Becoming a VIP is easy. As an active customer a slight increase in your transfer volume can help you to reach a higher level and lower your fees drastically.

Skrill customers need at least the silver VIP level to lower their increased fees. To reach this level you usually need an outgoing transfer volume of 15,000 EUR/quarterly.

However, for all eWallet-Optimizer clients we offer lower transfer volume requirements. eWO clients only need to transfer 5,000 EUR within the last 30 days to become eligible for the silver VIP upgrade (3,000 EUR for bronze VIP).

Increased Fees - NETELLER VIP

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To become eligible for these lower requirements, just submit your account details to our website and we will check if we can add your account to our Skrill Bonus Program.

At NETELLER you need at least on the Gold VIP level to be less affected by these current fee changes. To become a Gold VIP you need an outgoing transfer volume of 100,000 EUR/year.

ecoPayz – Change your eWallet Provider

Increased Fees - ecoPayzecoPayz is also a great option. You can find a full list of all ecoPayz Merchants at our website. We also can confirm that there will be more merchants soon and ecoPayz is working hard to increase their availability.

If you decide to go with ecoPayz, you will have a fix FX fee of only 1.5% and no p2p fees. For clients who frequently use their eWallets for p2p transfer or to transfer money in different currencies, ecoPayz is a great option and the best way to avoid/lower their fees, compared to Skrill and NETELLER.

Besides that, you’ll also enjoy an instant VIP Gold upgrade, increased limits and our monthly bonus payments of 0.6-1%.

If you have any questions about the recent changes or need any advice how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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