Skrill PrePaid MasterCard Limits increased


Skrill PrePaid MasterCard – New withdrawal limits for VIPs

Earlier this year Skrill made some smaller changes to their fee structure and VIP system and introduced the option to transfer money between Skrill and NETELLER.

Now they have made some changes to their PrePaid MasterCard. All withdrawal limits have been increased for their VIPs.
Depending on your Skrill status the Skrill PrePaid Mastercard withdrawal limits at ATMs have changed as follows:

Skrill PrePaid MasterCard

  • Bronze VIP: From 250 EUR to 750 EUR.
  • Silver VIP: 500 EUR → 1,500 EUR.
  • Gold VIP: 2,500 EUR → 3,000 EUR.
  • Diamond VIP: 2,500 EUR → 5,000 EUR.


There were many benefits for becoming a Skill VIP already, but with these changes the VIP Status becomes even more interesting for anyone that uses Skrill.

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