NETELLER Bitcoin Deposit available


Free Bitcoin deposit option now available at NETELLER

As of today, NETELLER customers can deposit Bitcoins into their NETELLER eWallet accounts free of charge. It is only possible to deposit funds. Withdrawals from the NETELLER account are not offered at this time.

This still represents somewhat of a rapid change in policy, as NETELLER only recently changed their Terms of Use to prohibit the use of virtual currencies explicitly.

So how does it work?

From within your NETELLER account, navigate to the “Money In” section, where you will see NETELLER Bitcoin Deposit available:

Money In

Click on the bitcoin tab and you will see the following:

Credit to User Uy9KC7OP2R2yn6TZVSMP on Reddit

Enter your deposit amount and click continue. At this time is unclear if the shown limits can be raised – they are the default limits for a fully verified NETELLER account.

Credit to User Uy9KC7OP2R2yn6TZVSMP on Reddit

Once you click “confirm” you will be taken to the last step where you can retrieve the Bitcoin receiving address:

Deposit 3

What does this mean for eWallet-Optimizer clients?

Anyone who is part of our FREE NETELLER Cashback program can now deposit funds for free into their NETELLER account via Bitcoin and use these funds to send money to merchants such as Poker, Sportsbetting, Forex, Casino sites and earn Cashback for these transactions. They can also withdraw at ATMs with the NETELLER MasterCard or send it to other account holders.

If you have any questions about the recent update, please do not hesitate to contact us .



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