NETELLER VIP Promotion – Highest Cashback ever


NETELLER Promotion – T&Cs Update as of Nov, 15th 2016

As we have been informed today, NETELLER just updated their conditions for their current promotion.

New Conditions for Bronze & Silver VIPs

Invited bronze, as well as silver VIP customers, are now only eligible to earn 150 USD in total for the complete promotion.

Please check §6 e) of the Terms & Conditions which was added very recently without any notice (compare to the prior T&Cs sent via email).

neteller promo

Conditions remain the same for Gold and higher VIPs

Conditions for all invited gold and above NETELLER VIP customers remain the same.

They are still eligible for 10% cashback (capped to 1,500 USD) during the 1st period and 1% uncapped cashback afterward.


Sudden changes without prior notice

We are very sorry that we were not able to inform our clients before as we have not been informed about this change either and we asked NETELLER to also inform all affected customers via email in addition.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to explain further.


NETELLER VIP Promotion – Highest Cashback ever

VIP Promotion

NETELLER recently announced a new historical and exclusive VIP promotion. Cash rewards up to 10% and a shot at a VIP trip to Vegas are the rewards.
All VIP customers who have been active within the last 2 months can participate in this VIP promotion and get a chance to earn some of the huge rewards.

How to enter the Promotion

All NETELLER VIP members who are eligible for the promotion received an invitation by email.
With this invitation email, you also received a personal target. After you reach this target, you can start to earn additional promo cashback from the day after the target has been achieved for all transactions to eligible merchants.

Please note, you can transfer to all merchants to achieve your personal target, there are no merchants excluded to reach it.
However, to earn cashback there are some merchants excluded. Please check the UPDATED T&Cs for all details and information.

Now let’s have a look at your possible rewards.

How can I earn a 10% Cashback?

Once you have reached your personal target the first promotion period starts.
This first period runs until the 17th of November and you will earn 10% NETELLER cashback (capped at 1,500 USD) for all transfers to eligible merchants.
So, if you transfer 15,000 USD after reaching your target, you will earn a 1,500 USD cash bonus.

VIP Promotion

If you did not reach your personal target until the end of period 1, you will still have the chance to earn some bonus cashback. Period 2 (18th Nov – 8th Jan) gives you another chance to hit your personal target.

If you hit your personal target during Period 2, you now can earn 5% Cashback for all transfers to eligible merchants until the 1st December.
The maximum bonus amount for Period 2 is capped at 750 USD.

Please note, if you did hit your target during period 1, you will not earn the 5% NETELLER cashback during period 2 as well. You will have a 1% fix Cashback for all your transfer from 18th November until 8th January.

From the 2nd December until the 8th of January all VIP clients will now still earn 1% additional cashback for all their transfers to eligible merchants.
For Gold and higher VIP customers, there is no cap for the maximum bonus amount so this promotion has huge value, no matter how much volume you usually transfer.

In addition, when you reach your target, you will qualify for one entry into the draw for a trip to Las Vegas. The draw will take place on 10 January 2017 at 16:00 GMT.

Extra Rewards on top of the usual Rewards

All rewards will be paid on top of the usual VIP rewards.

For example, if you are a Diamond VIP, you will earn the special rewards (10% in period one, 5% in period two and 1% until the end of the year) in addition to your NETELLER Reward Points, your monthly NETELLER VIP Cashback and of course our monthly eWO Bonus.

Example: eWO Client with Diamond VIP Status and 100,000 USD transfers/month.


Normal Cashback per month: During the 1st Period of the End Year Promotion:
0.3% eWO Bonus
+ ~0.24% with Reward Points
+ 0.5% monthly VIP Cashback from NETELLER
= 1,04% Cashback.
0.3% eWO Bonus
+ ~0.24% with Reward Points
+ 0.5% monthly VIP Cashback from NETELLER
+ Promotion Cashback (1-10%).

He first needs to reach his personal volume target (for example 20,000 USD).
Normal Cashback from above does apply. He then earns 10% Cashback up to 1,500 USD. And still 1% for all transfers afterward in addition.
20,000 USD with normal Cashback of 1,04% = 208 USD
15,000 USD with 10% Cashback = 1,500 USD
65,000 USD with 1% additional Cashback (2,04% total) = 1,326 USD
Total Cashback: 1,040 USD. Total Cashback: 3,034 USD

NETELLER promotion cashback

When will NETELLER pay the Extra Rewards?

NETELLER will pay all cash prizes to your NETELLER Account by Tuesday 10 January 2017 at 23:59 GMT.


This is a great promotion with a lot of value for all VIP clients. Let’s summarize this:

  1. Check your mails for the invitation to the VIP Promotion and your personal target.
  2. Reach your target by transferring money to any merchant (no merchant is excluded).
  3. Start earning Cashback for all transfers from the day after the target has been achieved to all eligible merchants. The bonus cashback % is as follows:
    Period 1 (3rd of November to 17th of November) – 10% cashback, capped to 1,500 USD.
    Period 2 (18th of November to 1st of December) – 5% cashback, capped to 750 USD (only if you did not reach your target during period 1).
    Period 3 (2nd of December to 8th of January) – 1% cashback, no cap.
  4. Get paid by Tuesday, the 10th of January 2017.

Please note, clients from the US, Canada, Japan, and Russia are excluded from this promotion, and the bonus for bronze and silver VIP customers is capped to $150 total.

VIP Promo

If you have any further questions about this promotion or NETELLER in general, please do not hesitate to contact us .



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Apparently neteller have moved the goalposts mid-promo and changed the cap on cashback to $150 rather than $1500. Can you confirm this?

commentator avatar

Hey Davie, this seems correct, but only for bronze & silver VIP customers. Please check NETELLER’s T&Cs at §6 e) for the full details and conditions: