Skrill Card Fees FX Changes 2020


The Skrill Card Fees were changed in February 2020. The MasterCard will no longer will be offered in different currencies anymore and will be available in EUR currency only as Skrill announced.

However, they also overworked the fee system for the Skrill Card 2020.
Customers with different account currencies still enjoy better conditions and will not suffer from currency conversion, called Foreign Exchange fees, in short “FX fees”.

This article will give you a quick overview about all details and changes as well as the benefits of joining us .

What exactly did change now?

The Skrill Card was available in EUR, USD, GBP and PLN currency. A few weeks ago this was changed and Skrill issues the card in EUR only. However, they also removed the currency conversion fees for accounts with USD, GBP or PLN currency. That means, if you had an EUR card, but your account was in one of those currencies, all transaction would be free (no FX fee) as long as the transaction was processed in the same currency.

USD Skrill account, with an EUR card and a card transaction in USD would be free – there was no conversion fee involved then.

But this applied only to those 3 currencies, until now. Skrill changes this for some countries. Now, no matter what your account currency is, as long as your card transaction is in the same currency and your account is registered in one of the eligible countries, you don’t have to pay a fee anymore.

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Sweden

Please also check our overview of the Skrill MasterCard Fees as well as the Skrill MasterCard limits.

Please note, the Skrill Card is only available to clients for the SEPA region (EEA countries) – customers from outside this region are currently not allowed to order the card at all.

Any changes for the NETELLER Card?

Currently there are no changes planed for the NETELLER Card and only the Skrill Card Fees are affected.
It is possible that NETELLER will introduce it as well at some point, but for now we don’t have any further information about it.

Once there is any news we will let you know.

For any further questions about the eWO partner program or anything else about Skrill, NETELLER or ecoPayz, please do not hesitate to contact us .



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