Skrill Local Currency Withdrawal


Skrill Local Currency Withdrawal – available now in Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria and Pakistan

Skrill Local Currency WithdrawalUntil now most customers could not use their local currency to withdraw money from their Skrill account. Skrill recently announced that they have made some changes and clients from Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria, and Pakistan can now use the local currencies to withdraw their funds to their local banks.

Skrill Local Currency Withdrawal – How does it work

Using your local currency is easy and simple. Customers from Bangladesh, Russia, Nigeria, and Pakistan only have to add and register their local bank account to their Skrill account. You will receive a dummy payment to your bank account. In the reference field of the payment, Skrill will include a unique verification code. You have to enter this code after you receive the payment in the same section of your Skrill account where you have added your bank account.


Skrill Local Currency Withdrawal

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Once the confirmation code was entered and your bank account verified, you can use this account to withdraw funds from your Skrill account to this registered bank account. Customers from Bangladesh can use Bangladesh Taka (BDT), clients from Russia can use Ruble (RUB), clients from Nigeria can use Nigerian Naria (NGN) and customers from Pakistan can use Rupee (PKR).

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