Skrill USA – Fees removed for all transactions


Skrill USA – Free Money Transfer for all customers

Skrill USASkrill recently announced some great changes for all their customers from the USA – as of June 28, 2019 all uploads, withdrawals and money transfers will be free. The fees for all those transactions was removed. However, those changes do not effect the currency conversion fee. For transfers between currencies the standard fee of 3.99% still applies.

Besides that, Skrill also introduced Rapid Transfer as new deposit option for all customers from the USA. More details about this and other available payment options you can find on our Skrill USA page.

Please note, those changes do apply for customers from the USA only, no changes for any other country.

Check our Skrill Fee Overview page for more details about this.

Skrill – How to lower fees for non-US customers

There is only one solution to avoid those fees: become a VIP member.
By reaching silver VIP level you will have no p2p fee anymore. The only exception is Bangladesh.

We also offer you lower requirements for all VIP levels. All you have to do is join our free eWO Bonus Program and request your VIP upgrade afterwards after reaching one of the following requirements:

  • Skrill p2p feesSkrill bronze VIP – after reaching 3,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 6,000 EUR).
  • Skrill silver VIP – after reaching 5,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 15,000 EUR).
  • Skrill gold VIP – after reaching 15,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 45,000 EUR).
  • Skrill diamond VIP – after reaching 45,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 90,000 EUR).

As you can see, this is a great offer and you have to deposit only one third of the regular VIP requirements for most level.

Once your account was upgraded to silver VIP your money transfer fees will also be removed.

Benefit from the best deal & the eWO Dashboard

Skrill p2p feesAgain, we are also happy to remind you to check our eWO Dashboard.

Check your eWO Bonus and commission earnings, request VIP upgrades, refer new friends and partners to us & earn some extra cash and much more.

You don’t have your personal dashboard access yet? Sign-up today and create your own account now!

Please contact us for any further questions. No matter what if it is about the Skrill p2p fees or for any questions about our eWO Bonus or eWO Partner Program and our Dashboard.

We are here to help you.



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