ecoPayz Merchant


ecoPayz Merchant – Details about ecoPayz

ecoPayz is operating for about 16 years now, but have a relatively low brand recognition in the eWallet market as they just started their Affiliate program recently. Following the merger of Skrill/NETELLER there is more room for them, as conditions for everyone are just getting worse and worse for Skrill and NETELLER.

It’s safe to say that ecoPayz will be growing very largely over next months and years. They are filling a gap after Skrill and NETELLER combined forces to a semi-monopoly and announced another increase of their fees for their customers recently. ecoPayz already have better conditions and their product is getting better day by day.
They already have better conditions compared to Skrill and NETELLER.

ecoPayz Merchant – Why adding ecoPayz?

Compared to Skrill and NETELLER they already have better conditions in some of the most important sections. They offer lower FX fees, free account-to-account transfers (p2p), a free ecoPayz MasterCard and the availability of their support is great.

They will also increase the number of merchants soon and combined with a highly attractive cashback program ecoPayz becomes a great choice for all eWallet customers.

Besides that you can offer your clients a great new product with a lot of benefits and reach a bigger customer base.

ecoPayz Merchant – How eWallet-Optimizer can help you to get started

We have a strong relationship with ecoPayz and can help you to get started quick and easily. We can help you to get in touch with the right person, help you with verification problems, as well as all support problems, upgrading clients and anything else ecoPayz related.

ecoPayz is definitely growing and it’s a good time to start offering their service now. With us you’ll have a strong partner at your side.

Please also check our ecoPayz Partner Program to learn more about our ecoPayz deal and get it touch with us to discuss your start with ecoPayz.