ecoPayz 2-Step Authentication & p2p limits


ecoPayz now with 2-Step Authentication & higher p2p limits for VIPs

ecoPayz Bonus ProgrammecoPayz already was a good alternative for all eWallet users, but with the changes from today, their product got even better.

To keep your funds as safe as possible ecoPayz now launched the 2-Step Authentication (2FA) and they also increased their p2p limits for clients of their highest VIP level.

ecoPayz – 2-Step Authentication

ecoPayz - Two-Factor-AuthenticationSecurity is always important, especially when it comes to money. Therefore, ecoPayz launched this great new security feature to increase your account security and keep your funds safe.

After activating the 2-Step Authentication you will now be asked for the two-step authentication code, along with your username and your password. A new code will be generated every 30 seconds and can be used only one time.

For further information and all details about this new security feature, please check our ecoPayz 2-Step Authentication Guide.

ecoPayz – Higher p2p limits for VIP clients

ecopayz-vipHigh p2p limits are an important factor especially for sport bettors, poker players and traders. Many clients asked for an increase and ecoPayz listened. Today they announced to remove limits for the highest ecoPayz VIP customers.

All VIP clients can now use the inter-account transfer (p2p) without any restrictions and limits. If you are a VIP client you don’t have to request these new limits. They should automatically be active from now on.

Please keep in mind that you need to be a VIP client to benefit from these changes.

With us you only need to transfer 10,000 € to be eligible for an upgrade to this level. After reaching the required amount just get in touch with us and we will take care of your upgrade within 1 business day.

ecoPayz – The future of eWallets?

It is safe to say that ecoPayz puts a lot of effort in catching up to their competitors. The changes from today also show that they listen closely to any feedback from their partner and customers.

They will also increase the number of merchants soon and combined with a highly attractive cashback program ecoPayz becomes a great choice for all eWallet customers.

While Skrill and NETELLER are going to increase their p2p transfer fees, FX fees and the fees for sending money from Skrill to NETELLER and visa versa for all their clients, ecoPayz now just becomes better and better.

If you have any questions about the 2-Step Authentication, the increased p2p limits or ecoPayz in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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