ecoPayz MasterCard Security – 3D SecureCode


ecoPayz MasterCard Security – 3D Secure

ecoPayzecoPayz MasterCard Security - SecureCard Logo is constantly working to improve their product and also the security for their clients. The ecoPayz two-step authentication was already implanted some months ago and now they increase the security even more by adding the 3-D Security feature to their ecoCard MasterCard.

ecoPayz MasterCard Security – What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure (3DS) is a service offered by MasterCard which will protect you against an unauthorized use of your card. When you register your card you will set up a MasterCard SecureCode which is now needed to approve any transaction made with your ecoCard. Similar to the 2FA you now need the standard ecoCard details (expire date, credit card number, CVV number) and your 3D Secure code to use your card for any payments. This will drastically increase the security of your account and protects you again potential credit fraud.

ecoPayz MasterCard Security - Additional Information

For more details about the 3D you can also check within your ecoPayz account. Just choose ‘Spend and withdraw -> ecoCard’ in the left-handed menu and click the 3D Secure symbol.

ecoPayz MasterCard Security – How to setup 3D Secure

Adding the 3D Secure feature to your ecoCard is fast and easy. There are just 2 steps needed to add this enhanced security feature.

  1. You will need to provide your mother’s maiden name when you activate your ecoCard (you will be asked for this during 3D Secure registration).ecoPayz MasterCard Security - Maiden Name ecoPayz
  2. You now need to complete the 3D Secure registration and choose your MasterCard SecureCode®, which will be happen the next time you use your card for any online payment. From now on you will be asked for this code every time you use your card for any payment.ecoPayz MasterCard Security - SecureCode Form

ecoPayz MasterCard Security – Summary

Credit Card theft is a very serious issue and ecoPayz is doing a good job by adding this great new feature to their ecoCards. We highly recommend all our clients to use it to increase their security. Combined with the two-step authentication your ecoPayz account will become a really safe place to store your funds.

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Please contact us. if you have any further questions about the ecoPayz 3D Secure feature or ecoPayz in general. We are happy to help.



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