Skrill & NETELLER MasterCard only for SEPA


No more MasterCards for NON SEPA Countries

At the end of September Paysafe Group informed us that Skrill as well as NETELLER do NOT offer MasterCards for residents of NON-SEPA countries any longer.

Who is affected?

Please check the following table which includes all SEPA countries. If you cannot find your country of residence in this table you cannot order a new MasterCard for your Skrill or NETELLER account:

SEPA MasterCard

Austria Belgium Germany Greece Ireland Spain Italy
Cyprus Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Portugal
Slovakia Slovenia Finland France Estonia Bulgaria Great Britain
Hungary Denmark Poland Romania Croatia Czech Republic Sweden
Iceland Liechtenstein Monaco Norway Switzerland


Information about locked Skrill and NETELLER accounts for clients from Crimea

First of all, we can confirm that all accounts for clients from Crimea got locked. However, if those clients can proof that they are living outside the Crimea, Skrill will unblock their accounts again. Clients just need to provide a written proof of residence, similar to the verification documents right after their account registration. Once the document has been reviewed, the account will be reopened and can be used without any restrictions.

Skrill and NETELLER also confirmed, that it’s possible for Crimea clients to send money from their account to a non-Crimea account.

No other changes for the Russian Market

Besides the fact that clients from outside the European Union are not able to receive a new Skrill or NETELLER MasterCard, there are no further changes for those clients. All other services will stay available.

What happens if you already have a NETELLER or Skrill MasterCard?

As of 25 November 2016, Skrill and NETELLER will no longer offer their PrePaid MasterCard Services for clients from almost all non-SEPA countries. The plastic card, as well as the virtual MasterCard, cannot be used anymore after that date. If you still want to use your cards to spend or withdraw some of your funds, please make sure to do it in time. Otherwise you can only withdraw your money via bank transfer.

The following table shows all countries where the Skrill and NETELLER MasterCard will be terminated by November 25th 2016.

Please note, clients from Russia and China can use their old cards until they expire. However, they will not be able to order a new MasterCard.

Albania Cameroon Indonesia Morocco Senegal
Angola Cape Verde Jamaica Mozambique Seychelles
Anguilla Cayman Islands Jordan Myanmar Singapore
Antarctica Colombia Kazakhstan Namibia Sint Maarten
Antigua and Barbuda Congo Kenya Nepal South Africa
Armenia Cote D’ivoire Korea Netherlands Antilles Suriname
Aruba Curaçao Kuwait New Zealand Swaziland
Australia Dominican Republic Lao Nicaragua Taiwan
Azerbaijan Ecuador Lebanon Nigeria Tanzania
Bahamas El Salvador Macao Oman Thailand
Bahrain Faroe Islands Macedonia Pakistan Tonga
Barbados French Guiana Madagascar Palestine Trinidad and Tobago
Belarus French Polynesia Malaysia Panama Tunisia
Belize Georgia Maldives Paraguay Turkmenistan
Bermuda Ghana Marshall Islands Philippines Turks and Caicos Islands
Bolivia Greenland Martinique Puerto Rico Uganda
Bonaire Guadeloupe Mauritania Qatar Ukraine
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guam Mauritius Saint Kitts and Nevis Uzbekistan
Brazil Guatemala Mayotte Saint Lucia Venezuela
Burkina Faso Guernsey Moldova Saint Martin Vietnam
Burundi Honduras Monaco Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Zambia
Cambodia Hong Kong Montenegro Samoa Zimbabwe

The Solution – ecoCard Payment Card

Every customer from countries outside of SEPA should take a look at our ecoPayz Bonus Program. Besides benefits like increased transfer volumes, lower FX fees, monthly bonus payments and an instant VIP upgrade to Gold Status, ecoPayz also offers a free ecoPayz MasterCard for all clients of eWallet-Optimizer. Join us to get your free MasterCard!

Sepa - ecoPayz


At this point, there are no indications from MasterCard right now that ecoPayz has to stop issuing cards, but of course we cannot guarantee that there will be no changes in the future. To make sure you are still eligible for an ecoPayz MasterCard, you should sign up as soon as possible and order your card.

If you have any questions about the recent changes or need any advice how to proceed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Can nigerians use skril and be able to withdraw funds

Hi Patrick. Unfortunately, Nigeria is a banned country. You are not allowed to use Skrill services. A violation gives Skrill the right to suspend or terminate your Skrill Account at any time. ecoPayz might be an alternative for you. Please check the following link for more information about our ecoPayz Bonus Program:

Hi is net teller and skrill available in Namibia

Hi Enslin and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately Skrill is not available in Namibia, but NETELLER is and you can enjoy all benefits by signing up an account with us. Just make sure to use the following link to get your free VIP upgrade and highest transfer limits:

For further questions or any kind of feedback, please feel free to send us an email to or contact us trough Facebook Messenger at any time.

Your eWO Support Team

I think that this “internal business decision” is highly related with the Brexit since they’re locking themselves only to sustain SEPA members. How sad, but there’s no more advertisings about the Net+ Mastercard or either the Skrill one as before, it seems they’re getting rid of it. Without those cards, what’s the point of using either proccessor?

But well, what could we do? Goodbye Neteller and Skrill. Burn in hell.

Hi and thanks for your comment. It is a business decision indeed and we don’t like it either. However, ecoPayz is a good alternative and they still offer their MasterCard to all clients. Besides that, they have lower fees for some of their services, compared to NETELLER & Skrill, and they also have a great and fast customer support. Check out the ecoPayz Program and let us know if you have any questions:

You can also add us on Skype “eWallet-Optimizer” or send a mail to

The problem with Ecopayz is that there’s almost NO PTC sites like Neobux or Clixsense that use it. There’s a way to use Paypal or Payza and then transfer to Ecopayz?

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to send money from PayPal or Payza to ecoPayz. The only option to deposit would be through a bank transfer or credit card. We also can try to help to move money from Skrill/NETELLER to ecoPayz. Please send a mail to to discuss that would be an option for you.


I want to ask can i transfer money from Neteller to ecoPayz?

you can either use your NETELLER MasterCard to fund your account or contact us so we can check if we can help you to get started.
Enjoy your new eWallet and let us know for any further questions :)

Hi everyone, I’m from Brazil and I was planning to use my Mastercard Net+ during an eurotrip this December, mostly Spain and Italy. So, I’m from a banned country (as my plastic), but, anyway, I was wondering if it could be possible to use it on this travel to these NON-SEPA coutries. Could you tell me? Thanks in advance!

Hi Rafael, NETELLER will deactivate all cards at the end of the week, so you cannot use your card anymore, even if you are in a country where the card is still available. However, our partner ecoPayz still offers a MasterCard for all their clients. Please take a look at our ecoPayz Bonus Program. Besides benefits like increased transfer volume, lower FX fees, monthly bonus payments and an instant VIP upgrade to Gold Status, you will also receive a free MasterCard. Check our ecoPayz Bonus Program and let us know if you have any further questions:

Hi there. Thanks for the information. I am from Australia so this decision has also hurt me as I enjoyed using the Net+ and Skrill card services. I wonder if Optimal had never purchased Skrill, whether Skrill would have done this as well. Somehow I doubt it.

Im looking at Ecopayz and there merchant access seems to be extremely limited. Any idea if they plan on expanding their merchant base? Such as becoming a portal for payments to Pinnacle Sports? And is the card available for Australians?

Hi Joseph and thanks for your comment. ecoPayz will definitely increase their availability and you can expect to find new merchants really soon. It needs some time to add them all, but it’s safe to say that a lot of new poker rooms, sports books and forex providers will be added during the next weeks and months.

Regarding the ecoPayz MasterCard, the card is available for Australian clients as well and you can have up to 3 free ecoPayz MasterCards (EUR/USD/GBP) for your account.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

I have an italian Neteller Net+ card, which is not banned, as Italy is a SEPA country. I will travel to Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro in december. Will I be able to pay and withdraw money with my Net+ card in those countries?


you will not have any troubles using the card anywhere in the world. Please note that only the country of issueing the card matters. Since you are from a SEPA country, you can keep using your card worldwide.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

I am from Serbia. I dont see my country in the two lists. Could you tell me please what will happen with my mastercard?

Hi and thanks for your comment!

Unfortunately, Serbia is not a SEPA country and thus you will not be able to use your MasterCard after the 25th of November 2016.

If you want to keep using a MasterCard, you should use ecoPayz instead, where you can still receive a free MasterCard in Serbia.

So in 25th of November will I be able to use my card?

Hi again,

yes, you should be able to use the MasterCard until 23.59 o’clock (UTC-7). However this exact timing has not been confirmed by NETELLER, so please be aware you might not be able to use the card anymore even earlier in the day. Sorry I cannot give a more concrete answer.

Is it possible to transfer money from Skrill to ecoPayz Mastercard (account)?

Hi Pitt, there is no direct way to transfer your money from Skrill to your ecoPayz account. But we might be able to help you with just. Please contact for further information about this.

Hi, I’m from Mexico. Do you know if I will be able to use my card until it expires? Mexico doesn’t appear on the list of countries where the cards will stop working.

Hi Alberto,

unfortunately your card will stop working after tomorrow in Mexico – at least it should. Please let us know if this is not the case for you.

You can still create an account at ecoPayz and receive a MasterCard for free from them.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

Perú isnt on the list, so ir i have a net card i can use till expire period?

Hi Carlos,

unfortunately we do not know if clients from Peru can keep using their card. But according to NETELLER only Russian and Chinese clients are allowed to keep their existing cards until its expiration.

To be sure, please contact NETELLER directly:

Please make sure to apply to our free NETELLER Bonus Program:

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

I am from Serbia and Skrill user for 8 years. I am not able to use my skrill mastercard anymore. Is it possible to transfer money to ecoPayz monthly?


in some cases we might be able to help. Please contact for more information.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

ecoPays mastercard is not available for Tunisia, so it’s not a good alternative for us (Tunisian residents)

Hi and thanks for your comment. I will check back with ecopayz to confirm.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

if register to ecopay , can transfer money from existing neteller to ecopayz

Hi, please contact us here to see if thats possible, in some cases we can help.

I am leaving in Cyprus who is a SEPA country. Yet, cannot withdraw money from ATM. What is going on?

Hi and thanks for your comment. Maybe it is just a temporary issue. Did you try to use a different ATM already? To be sure, please contact Skrill or NETELLER directly and ask them about it. You can use the following link to contact Skrill or to contact NETELLER.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

can i know why people from Brunei is not allowed to open an account for ecopayz? both neteller and skrill allow.

Hi Krystol and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further information about why clients from Brunei are not allowed to open an ecoPayz account.

However, you can still join our free Skrill and NETELLER Bonus Program. Just submit your account details by using the following link and we will check your account:

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

Hi. What about the US ? I can’t see United States in your Sepa and NonSepa countries list. I have the neteller plastic Mastercard. Can I use it?

Hi Eduardo and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately, we are not sure about the situation for US clients, as we are not working with clients from the United States. For more information you need to contact NETELLER directly.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

Hola, excelente y de gran ayuda todo lo publicado.Tengo una consulta… en mi cuenta skrill me sale la opcion para pedir la tarjeta prepaga,sabes si en Argentina esto es posible? Gracias.

Hi Roberto and thanks for your message.

I hope it is okay to answer in English. Unfortunately the card is not available to customers from Argertina, but if you are looking for a free prepaid MasterCard, please get in touch with us. We might be able to help (

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

Can I use Neteller in Botswana?

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Yes, NETELLER offers their services to customers from Botswana. Please contact, so that we can help you with creating a new NETELLER account and upgrading your account to silver VIP.

We are looking forward to your mail.

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

Hello, I am a foreigner living in China, can I open skrill account and use my home visa card to the Skrill account?

Hi Chris and thanks for your comment.

Yes, that should work. You should be able to use your VISA card to credit your account.

However, please get in touch with us by email to take a closer look at your situation:

Your eWallet-Optimizer Team

is it still possible for a person from zimbabwe to open a skrill account. also will the present accounts be affected

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Yes, as far as we know this is still possible and clients from Zimbabwe are accepted.

For further questions or any kind of feedback, please feel free to send us an email to or contact us trough Facebook Messenger at any time.

Your eWO Support Team

I’m trying to sign up for Skrill in Jamaica but I’m not seeing Jamaica in the ‘country’ tab on the signup page. I know for a fact that skrill has not withdrawn their services for from Jamaica, so please help.

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Please send us an email or contact us on Telegram, so that we can look into this for you

Your eWO Support Team

Does skrill accept new clients/customers from trinidad abd tobago?

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Yes, Trinidad and Tobago is a serviced country and you can sign up a Skrill account. Just make sure to use the following sing-up link to not miss benefits like earlier VIP upgrade and monthly bonuses:

For further questions or any kind of feedback, please feel free to send us an email to

Your eWO Support Team

Why nepal is restricted to use skrill services?

Hi and thanks for your comment.

Unfortunately this was a business decision by NETELLER/Skrill, but we don’t have any further details about it.
If there is anything else we can help you with, please get in touch with us directly at or through Telegram.

Hi Guys I am from Namibia and I am interested on Netteller account does our country also support your service?

Hey and thanks for your comment.

Please get in touch with us directly at or through Telegram and we will be happy to check if can we can help you.