NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – New VIP Status


NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – New Status

NETELLER just announced another change and introduced a new VIP Status: the NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP Status. This new status is exactly between the bronze VIP and the silver VIP level and will be the new status for all new eWO clients starting May, 6th of 2019.

If you already have a Silver VIP account, nothing changes for you. You will not lose it and still enjoy all the benefits.

However, all new accounts will start with the Bronze VIP Status now and we have summarized all details and information for you here.

Now, let us take a look at what this new Bronze Pro VIP Status has to offer.

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIPHow to become a NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP:

  1. Open your NETELLER account with the eWO Bronze Pro VIP link.
  2. Verify your account by uploading your documents, no deposit, and no webcam needed!
  3. Request your NETELLER VIP Upgrade.
  4. Enjoy all benefits as a Bronze Pro VIP member.

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – Conditions & Benefits

The new NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP Status comes with lots of benefits for our clients. The following table gives you an overview of all benefits:

  • Transfer limits
  • P2P (Money transfer)
  • Upgrade to Silver VIP
  • Participate in NETELLER VIP Program
  • Skype VIP Support
  • Become a Bronze Pro VIP

  • ecoPayz vs NETELLER
  • Regular NETELLER Clients
  • - 5,000 USD / tranaction
    - 10,000 USD / day
    - 20,000 USD / week
    - 50,000 USD / month
  • 1.45% (no cap)
  • 50,000 USD in deposits
  • Transfer limits
  • P2P (Money transfer)
  • Upgrade to Silver VIP
  • Participate in NETELLER VIP Program
  • Skype Support
  • Become a Bronze Pro VIP
  • NETELLER vs Skrill
  • Bronze Pro VIP with eWO
  • - 50,000 USD / transaction
    - no daily limits
    - no weekly limits
    - no monthly limits
  • 1.45% (max. 10 USD)*
  • 20,000 USD in deposits
* only exception is Bangladesh with 1.45% and uncapped fee.

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – What if I already have a Silver VIP Account?


For most existing clients with a Silver VIP Status, there will be no changes. However, this applies only if you meet one of the two following requirements:

  • Accounts created and upgraded in 2019 (until 5th May 2019) OR
  • Accounts with at least 20,000 USD in transfers to merchants (including transfers to Skrill & buying Crypto Currencies) in 2019.

Only accounts who have reached one of those two requirements will stay on the Silver VIP level until the end of 2019.

To maintain the status for the next year as well you have to make sure to reach the standard silver VIP requirements of 50,000 USD.

We also might be able to help with an easier upgrade then. So, in case you have lost your status next year, just get in touch with us and we will look into this.

There are also some accounts that were downgraded by mistake and they are currently working on fixing it. Those accounts will be re-upgraded within the next days, but this has to be done manually and will take a bit of time. So, if those accounts are not re-upgraded within the next 7 days, please let us know the account details again and we are happy to re-check with them.

NETELLER Silver VIP – How can I still get Silver VIP Status?

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIPWith eWallet-Optimizer you will still have the great benefit of becoming a NETELLER Silver VIP easily. Instead of the regular 50,000 USD in deposits within a year, we can get you upgraded after reaching only 20,000 USD. With less than half of the regular deposit volume you can enjoy even more benefits with your NETELLER account:

  • FREE P2P Transfer, Money Transfers between NETELLER accounts*.
  • FREE 2nd currency account.
  • FREE MasterCard (only customers from the EU).
  • Lower Currency Exchange fees of 3.19%.

Once you have reached 20,000 USD transfers with your account please let us know. Submit your account details and your request will be handled within 24 hours. You will receive a confirmation mail from us as soon as we have an update and your account will be upgraded to silver VIP automatically!

* only exception: Bangladesh which is 1.45% and uncapped.

NETELLER Gold VIP – How can I get Gold VIP Status?

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP - Gold VIPWe are happy to also be able to help with an easier upgrade to Gold VIP level. Gold VIP level comes with some huge benefits and therefore it is important to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with the upgrade. As a Gold VIP you will have:

  • FREE P2P Transfer, for all clients worldwide.
  • FREE 3rd Currency account.
  • FREE ATM Withdrawal, only EU customer.
  • Lower Currency Conversion fees of 2.79%.

To be able to check if we can help with a NETELLER Gold VIP upgrade, please get in touch through our contact form or send an email to [email protected]. We will then check your account to see if you are eligible.

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP – Summary

As you can see, there are lots of benefits with the new Bronze Pro VIP status and to get upgraded to Silver and Gold VIP will also be much easier with us. Just make sure to sign-up with our link to not miss any of our benefits. Do you already have a NETELLER account? Fill out the NETELLER application and we are happy to check if we can get your account added to our program as well. Of course, you will enjoy the same benefits then.


NETELLER Bronze Pro VIP Status

What are the alternatives now?

If you still want to have free account-to-account transfers, these are your alternatives.

With our instant ecoPayz Gold VIP Status, you will enjoy FREE account-to-account transfers, besides many other benefits like multiple currencies, our ecoPayz eWO Bonus, and much more.

Skrill: With our easier Skrill Silver VIP Upgrade after 5,000 EUR transfers in 30 days, you will still have free account-to-account transfers.


Benefit from the best deal & the eWO Dashboard

NETELLER Bronze Pro VIPAgain, we are also happy to remind you to check our eWO Dashboard.

Check your eWO Bonus and commission earnings, request VIP upgrades, refer new friends and partners to us & earn some extra cash and much more.

You don’t have your personal dashboard access yet? Sign-up today and create your own account now!

Please contact us for any further questions.

We are here to help you.



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