Skrill introduces Multi Currency Feature


Skrill Multi-Currency account – New Feature Announced

Skrill recently announced that they are implementing a new feature – the Skrill Multi-Currency account, to make it even easier to handle multiple currencies. Until now, you needed to have 2 (or more) separate accounts to handle different currencies that are only allowed with a Skrill Silver VIP status or higher. From what we can see, the feature is already available for all accounts.

This article will give you a quick preview of what you can expect and how the new system works.

So, let’s have a look at the details.

Skrill Multi Currency

Quick Notes:

  • You are able to handle different currencies from within only one Skrill account.
  • A credit card deposit in the new currency is needed to activate the new currency account.
  • Separate currency accounts can still be used then but are not needed anymore.
  • Currency conversion fees range from 1.99 to 3.99% (depending on your VIP level).
  • No VIP Status is needed to use multiple currencies.

Please get in touch if anything is unclear or if you have any questions.

Skrill Multi-Currency account – How does it work?

You can add another currency to your account by depositing with a credit card in a new currency which will then appear in your primary Skrill account. To make a transaction, you can choose which of your currency accounts you want to use to send the money as long as the balance is sufficient to cover the fee and the transaction amount.

To receive the money, you will always receive the funds into the correct currency account if one exists already. If there is no account for this currency yet, Skrill will transfer money to your primary account, but a currency conversion fee of 1.99-3.99% (depending on your currency Skrill VIP level) will apply.

However, all payments made with your Skrill MasterCard or any crypto trades will always apply to the primary account only.

Skrill Multi Currency - Preview

Sneak Peek – New Multi-Currency Feature

Skrill Multi-Currency account – Who will be able to use it?

The good news is, all Skrill clients will be able to use this new feature. There are no requirements or restrictions. Until now, only Skrill Silver VIP clients or higher were allowed to open a 2nd currency account, but with the new feature, even non-VIP clients can use it, which is great news. Only the currency conversion fee will change depending on our VIP status in the same way it currently does:

  • 3.99% for non-VIP clients.
  • 3.79% for bronze VIP clients.
  • 2.89% for silver VIP clients.
  • 2.59% for Gold VIP clients.
  • 1.99% for Diamond VIP clients.

But once you have opened a currency account in the currency you are planning to receive a transfer, there will be no currency conversion fee apply anymore.


Skrill Multi Currency - Who is allowed to use

Existing 2nd accounts

For now, we don’t have any details about the existing 2nd or 3rd currency accounts. You can most likely use them for some time after Skrill introduced the new feature, but you won’t need them anymore as you can handle it all from within your primary account then.

We expect the existing accounts to get closed at some point in the future, but we are waiting for more details about this topic.

However, there will be no changes until the new feature is completely available to all clients.

Skrill Multi Currency - Existing accounts

What about NETELLER?

The new feature is only planned for Skrill yet, and it will take some time to handle all the technical stuff before it can go live.

We are pretty sure that there is a good chance to get such a feature on NETELLER too at some point, but this will for sure does not happen anytime soon.

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