Skrill MasterCard Issues – What can I do?


Skrill MasterCard issues can happen as with any other plastic credit or debit cards. We already wrote an article about how easy you can solve NETELLER MasterCard issues and now we want to look at what can go wrong with your Skrill Prepaid MasterCard. The Skrill card is one of the most convenient ways to withdraw money from your Skrill account, as well as use it for shopping. Skrill MasterCard is accepted at all ATMs and POS that support MasterCard, so you will have access to your Skrill account balance wherever you are.

Skrill MasterCard used to be available in 4 currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, and PLN but is now offered only in EUR. No FX charges apply as long as the currency of the transaction matches the currency of the account. Please note that if the currency of the transfer differs from the currency of your Skrill wallet, funds will be converted during transactions and an additional fee will be charged from the account for each transaction. The exchange rate depends on the transaction time, so the exact currency exchange rate can only be seen in the transaction history of your account after your payment. More information about fees and limits you can find in our Skrill Mastercard section.

Let’s jump right into the details and find out how to easily solve the most common Skrill MasterCard Issues.

Who can get a Skrill card

All Skrill verified users who live in one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) can get a Skrill MasterCard, so only users from EEA countries are eligible to order the card. However, it is possible to use the card outside the EEA. The Skrill MasterCard section will be available in your account straight away if you are a resident in an eligible country. 

To order a card, follow these 4 steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the “Skrill Card” section.
  • Select “Apply now”.
  • Make changes to the delivery address if necessary.

As the Skrill card is offered in EUR currency you cannot select any other currency, but it is worth to remember that as long as the currency of the account matches the currency of the transaction no FX fee would apply to the transfer.

That is all you need to do. After receiving and activating the card, a PIN code will be generated automatically. Please note that a service fee of 10 EUR will be charged from your account every year (unless you are VIP).

Skrill MasterCard was not delivered

First of all make sure your address is correct, so the card can be successfully delivered. Usually, it takes approximately 14 days from applying to receiving your Skrill card. If it takes longer than 14 days please contact the Skrill support.

You can call the support phone number for your country or send a request through the “Contact Us” section in your Skrill account.

Skrill Prepaid MasterCard was lost, stolen or damaged.

No one is safe from the loss or theft of a credit or debit card. If this happened to you please contact Skrill support and report it. To do this, log in to the Skrill account, go to the “Skrill Card” section and select the appropriate option.

When you report a problem, the card will be canceled and your money will be protected. Now you need to order a new Skrill MasterCard, the cost of reissuing a card will be 10 EUR (free for users with Silver VIP and higher).

Skrill MasterCard payment was declined

If a payment was not successful with your Skrill card, there may be different reasons:

  • Skrill MasterCard issues regarding the limit of cash withdrawals at an ATM or POS – try the same transaction on the next day again or try a different ATM/POS.
  • The transaction amount exceeds the available balance in your Skrill account – make a deposit to your Skrill account.
  • Your account or card was temporarily frozen – usually, Skrill will notify you by e-mail, but you should also try to log in and if the attempt is unsuccessful, then contact the Skrill support.
  • Reached contactless velocity limits – try the transaction later again.
  • If you are sure that none of these reasons apply to your case, you may have tried to use the card to purchase limited goods or services – contact Skrill support to know more.

Skrill MasterCard Issues – Unauthorized Transactions

This problem is not as common as the previous ones, but this information may be useful too. What to do if you saw that your Skrill account has less balance than you thought and you found  possible unauthorized transactions in the transaction history that you did not trigger yourself?

First of all you need to contact Skrill and explain the situation in detail in the appropriate form: “Disputed Transactions”. It is also advisable to immediately block the card, we have already described above how to do this.

Then contact the merchant who received the transfer that was not authorized by you. They will investigate it for you and in case that it is necessary, they can cancel the transfer.

Please note that there is no guarantee of a refund. After your appeal, Skrill considers each incident individually and decides on a case-by-case basis. So make sure to keep your card safe.

Skrill MasterCard fees and limits

Skrill MasterCard limits depend on the type of your Skrill account: the higher your Skrill VIP level, the higher the daily limits.
Also, the Skrill MasterCard limits are set on a rolling base of 24 hours and will be automatically refreshed after the 24 hours have passed.
In the table below you will find a comparison of limits for different VIP statuses and non-VIP users.

  • Skrill VIP Status
  • No VIP Level
  • Bronze VIP Level
  • Silver VIP Level
  • Gold VIP Level
  • Diamond VIP Level
  • ATM Withdrawals / 24h
  • 900 EUR
  • 1200 EUR
  • 1,500 EUR
  • 3,000 EUR
  • 5,000 EUR
  • Skrill VIP Status
  • No VIP Level
  • Bronze VIP Level (lower requirements for eWO clients)
  • Silver VIP Level (lower requirements for eWO clients)
  • Gold VIP Level
  • Diamond VIP Level
  • Point of Sale / 24h
  • 2,700 EUR
  • 3,000 EUR
  • 3,000 EUR
  • 5,000 EUR
  • 10,000 EUR

As for Skrill MasterCard fees, it also depends on VIP levels. Thus, the annual payment for servicing a card for non-VIP users and Bronze VIP is 10 USD, while Silver VIP and higher can use their card for free.

The fee for withdrawing money from an ATM for non-VIP users is 1.75%, for Bronze VIP – a fixed amount of 1.80 EUR, and Silver VIP and higher can withdraw money for free. All other transactions are free if your Skrill Prepaid MasterCard currency does not differ from the account currency, otherwise, an exchange fee of 1.99% to 3.79% will be charged depending on your VIP level.

If you still have questions about the Skrill PrePaid MasterCard, visit the official Skrill website and our Skrill review.

If you have any further questions about the eWO Affiliate or Bonus Program, Skrill MasterCard issues or any other questions about Skrill, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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Good day
I would like to apply for skrill card I’m from south Africa please help me out

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Hi and thanks for your comment.

Currently Skrill & NETELLER do not offer MasterCards for NON-SEPA countries anymore. Check our website for more information and details:

Your eWO Support Team

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Hallo mein skrill konto wurde trotz Eingabe von meinen richtigen Passwort nach 3 Versuchen wurde mein skrill konto gespeert. Wo ich noch geld oben habe jetzt komme ich nicht mehr rein. Was kann ich tun

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Guten Tag,

bitte schicke eine Email, mit all Deinen Account Details, zu [email protected] – wir werden uns das dann anschauen.

eWO Support

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bitte schicke uns eine E-Mail an [email protected], damit wir uns das mal genauer anschauen können.

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