Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019


Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019 – Another Increase

We know what you think – is it even possible to make more frequent changes to the fee structure? Unfortunately it is. The last changes were announced only 4 weeks ago and now they are going to introduce some more changes.

Starting from August 28th, 2019, NETELLER & Skrill start the next round of fee changes for money transfers between accounts. The changes are complicated, but we have no choice but to try and make the best of it. We will try our best to give you all details and explain it as good as possible.

So, let’s jump into the chaos and see what will change:

IMPORTANT: The increased fees can all be lifted as soon as a deposit to the Skrill or NETELLER account is made, but only through bank transfer or credit card. Other deposit options are exluded and will not lift the fee.

Please also note, those changes affect only accounts created after 28/08/2019 – older accounts are not affected by those changes.

Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019 - The final round

Which accounts will be affected?

Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019 - The final roundUntil now only a few specific countries were affected by the fee increase, but this is going to change now. Skrill and NETELLER accounts from all countries are now affected by the changes.

The fee can vary depending on your country of residence, but there will be some changes for almost all Skrill and NETELLER clients now:

  • New Skrill and NETELLER accounts signed up on 28th of August 2019 or later.

Earlier created accounts are not affected by those rules and will keep their old p2p (money transfer) fees.

The lifetime 5% fee is removed for some countries

Let’s start with some good news. The following countries currently have a 5% lifetime fee. Meaning, the only option to lower the fee is by making a deposit through bank transfer or debit/credit card. Starting tomorrow new accounts from those countries will have a higher fee of 5.25% (10 EUR/USD min), but only for the 1st transfer. The 2nd and all further transfers will have the standard fee of 1.45% (0.50 EUR/USD) again.

Here a list of the affected countries:

  • Country
  • Serbia, Greece, Russia, Vietnam, Morocco
    Kenya, Ukraine
  • Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay
  • Costa Rica
  • Current Feee
  • 5% Lifetime
  • 1st Transaction Fee 5.25% (min 10)
  • 1st Trn Fee 5.25% (min 10)

    1st Trn fee 5.5% (min 20) for accounts
    registered between April 4 and July 22
  • New Accounts after 28th August 2019
  • 5.25% (10 EUR/USD min)
    (only on 1st transfer)
  • 5% Lifetime
  • 5% Lifetime

At least clients and partners from those countries will get something positive out of this.

Higher Fee on 1st Transaction to other accounts

NETELLER and Skrill already introduced the higher fee on the 1st transactions for a few countries, but starting with tomorrow most other countries will be affected as well by this and have the  the following fee structure:

  • Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019 - The final round1st Transfer: 5.25% (10 EUR/USD min).
  • 2nd and following Transfers: 1.45% (0.50 EUR/USD min).

To lower the fee on the first transfer you have to make sure to:

  • Make a deposit through bank transfer or debit/credit card (all other deposit options are excluded!):
    the fee will then be lowered to 1.45% (0.50 EUR/USD).
  • Or reach at least silver VIP or higher:
    the fee will be completely removed then (except for customers from Bangladesh).

What fees are in my country?

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to add a full list of all countries here, but you can see if your changes are only for the 1st transfer if you try to make a money transfer. Skrill and NETELLER will show a popup if you will have the fee on the first transfer only. Otherwise you fall into the other group and only a deposit can lower your fee.

We are also happy to give you more details and check if your country is affected. Just contact us or send us a message through Facebook messenger and we are happy to help.

p2p Fee Increases – How eWO can help you

There is only one solution to avoid those fees and not be affected by those p2p Fee Changes: become a VIP member.
By reaching silver VIP level you will have no p2p fee anymore. No matter if you are located in one of the above mentioned countries or at any other country (only exception: Bangladesh where Gold VIP is needed).p2p Fee ChangesNETELLER

For NETELLER it is easy with us to get upgraded to VIP. All our new customers start with bronze pro VIP right after their verification and will have lower requirements for becoming a silver VIP member afterwards. Just sign-up your account with us to become eligible.

You need to reach only 7,500 USD with us to get upgraded automatically to Silver (instead of the regular 50,000 USD) – once reached the p2p fees will be removed completely from your account and you have free money transfer option.


For Skrill it is basically the same and you just have to join our free eWO Bonus Program and request your VIP upgrade afterwards after reaching one of the following requirements:

  • Skrill bronze VIP – after reaching 3,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 6,000 EUR).
  • Skrill silver VIP – after reaching 5,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 15,000 EUR).
  • Skrill gold VIP – after reaching 15,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 45,000 EUR).
  • Skrill diamond VIP – after reaching 45,000 EUR in deposits to merchants within 30 days (without eWO: 90,000 EUR).

As you can see, this is a great offer and you have to deposit only one third of the regular VIP requirements for most level.

Make sure to not miss that great deal and join us for free now if not done already.

Skrill NETELLER p2p fees 2019 - Lower Fees Button

Benefit from the best deal & the eWO Dashboard

Skrill p2p feesAgain, we are also happy to remind you to check our eWO Dashboard.

Check your eWO Bonus and commission earnings, request VIP upgrades, refer new friends and partners to us & earn some extra cash and much more.

You don’t have your personal dashboard access yet? Sign-up today and create your own account now!

Please contact us for any further questions. No matter if it is about the NETELLER or Skrill p2p Fee Changes or for any questions about our eWO Bonus or eWO Partner Program and our Dashboard.

We are here to help you.



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