Skrill Scam and Phishing Pages


Skrill Scam Pages – What are they?

Skrill ScamWe recently detected a few new Skrill Scam pages and have decided to give you some more information about this topic and how to protect yourself.

Phishing is a form of fraud in which the criminals try to get sensitive information such as login credentials or account information from you. They set up a fake web site that mimics the real Skrill page to trick you into disclosing your account details. Once you have provided those information they can use your details to empty your account.

Skrill Scam Pages – How can I protect myself?

Phishers are becoming better each day which makes it harder for normal users to detect if you are on a real site, but there are some hints that can help you distinguish a real website from a phishing site:

  • Skrill ScamIncorrect name or other details: Most of the time the web address of a Skrill phishing site looks correct but actually contains some common misspellings.
  • Secure Site: A legitimate Skrill page address starts with “https://” ― the letter “s” must be included. http://” at the start of the address might be an indicator that something is wrong here.
  • Direct Pop-Ups: Be careful if you are sent to a website that immediately displays a pop-up window asking you to enter your account details. Phishing scams may direct you to a legitimate website and then use a pop-up to gain your account information.
  • Use an up-to-date Web browser with antiphishing plugins. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome do have free add-ons (or “plug-ins”) that can help you detect phishing sites.
  • Never click on Links from Emails. Instead, use a bookmark in your browser that 100% leads to the right website. This is also better than typing in the address manually, because Phishers are known to use similiar names that could be typos to lead you to a phishing site.


skrill scam

Skrill Phishing Site (Click to enlarge)

In this example, it is clear that this is a phishing site as the domain should be However, if you don’t feel comfortable or find anything suspicious, please don’t use the website and contact us or Skrill directly. We will then check the page and make sure they will be removed in case it is a phishing site.

Skrill Scam Pages – General Security Advice

Skrill ScamHaving installed the latest operating system and updates for your web browsers, anti-virus protection and apps are one the most important things you can do to increase your overall security. Don’t open any email attachment from unknown senders and consider using different email addresses for your accounts. This makes it harder for attackers to get access to all your accounts with hacking just one mail account.

You should also be careful with links you received through Skype (or any other messenger), Facebook or any other social media channel.

Skrill also offers an in-house security feature. The Two-Step Authentication (also known as “2FA”), adds an extra layer of security through “multi factor authentication” that requires not only a password and username but also a unique code that changes every 30 seconds and will be provided through an app on your mobile phone. Using this feature will drastically increase your account security and makes it really hard for any criminal to gain access to your account.

Skrill Scam Pages – Is Skrill Scam?

By doing some research on the web you will find comments about the reliability of Skrill, people who claim that Skrill took their money or closed their accounts. Some of those complaints come from customers who tried to abuse bonus offers, created fake accounts or used their account for illegal transactions or who cannot verify their account. Besides that, Skrill is a company with over 40 million account holders with a complex product and high verification standards, thus naturally there are always people suffering from bad support or technical failures. We constantly fight against this and make sure our customers get the support they deserve.

With us, you know you will be a true VIP customer and that your issues will be solved and that you can safely use your Skrill Account.

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